Tesla Model S Front Assembly Parts From Delphi Technologies

Tesla Model S Front Assembly Parts From Delphi Technologies
Tesla Model S Front Assembly Parts From Delphi Technologies

Delphi Technologies, which provides global solutions in the field of automotive after-sales services under the umbrella of BorgWarner, opened the doors of new repair opportunities by introducing new global front kit products for Tesla Model S. With the launch, spare parts designed according to the latest manufacturer specifications were offered for sale. New front end parts will be used to form the basis of the complete chassis solution, which covers approximately 77 vehicles in Europe and approximately 165 vehicles in North America and 100 sub-models, including the Model S P15D with “Cheetah” mode. Delivering impressive engineering test performance, Delphi Technologies suspension arms outperformed their original equipment equivalents in safety tests. This expanded portfolio means the opportunity to offer thousands of vehicle owners a choice of high quality spare parts for workshops.

Delphi Technologies, which develops future-oriented solutions for automotive equipment and operates under the umbrella of BorgWarner, has launched its new spare parts equipment developed for Tesla Model S. Joining the brand new range of front-end products, the new Tesla Model S components carry the hallmarks of the Delphi Technologies portfolio, such as excellent engineering, safety focus and original equipment expertise.

Electric vehicle repair has been paved the way for services

Delphi Technologies is now opening the doors of important repair opportunities for workshops that want to service new electric vehicles whose service time is coming. With the launch, many new parts were introduced, including ball joint, link stabilizers, tie rods and tie rod ends. These parts will allow the workshops to offer a variety of repair services and spare parts for the popular Tesla Model S.

Industry-leading safety and handling

Delphi Technologies offers aftermarket solutions that focus on two of the most important drivers of vehicle ownership; vehicle safety and driver experience. Tesla Model S parts, a new addition to the Delphi Technologies family, performed impressively in performance and safety tests during the development phase. The heat treatment in the design of the brand's ball joint body shows better strength and fatigue life than the original equipment design. Also, the tested pull and push force of the ball joint indicates that the Delphi Technologies design has higher strength than the original equipment manufacturer's component. These market-leading results mean optimum durability of these safety-focused components when braking and steering.

“Benefit to vehicle owners and workshops with superior quality”

Neil Fryer, Vice President of Global Marketing, Product and Strategic Planning at Delphi Technologies, said: “Our new range of front end products is excellent proof of our unwavering commitment to quality and safety. The latest test data is impressive, making these parts the ideal solution for workshops looking to provide high-quality service. We believe that standards for spare parts should never be compromised, especially when safety and driver experience are key criteria of product quality. “This portfolio of front-end products demonstrates how our leading original equipment engineering can benefit vehicle owners and workshops.”

Part equivalent to the original component

Tesla Model S front-end spare parts are more important than average repairs of their kind because they contribute directly to the vehicle's driving modes. Intelligent Air Suspension; It stands out as a feature responsible for comfort, safety and Cheetah Mode performance, which contributes to the Tesla Model S P100D's becoming such a popular model. Therefore, vehicle owners attach great importance to finding spare parts with the same characteristics as the original components.

The perfect solution for revolutionary vehicles

Providing spare parts for electric vehicles is not just about providing comprehensive application support for the latest models, it is also an essential component of Delphi Technologies' commitment to a sustainable future. These new products join existing parts used in these applications. Currently, the services that offer high quality and reliable services include brake pads, discs and accessories that have already become popular. These parts form the basis of a complete aftermarket chassis solution for the model. With its end-to-end solution covering parts, diagnostics and training, Delphi Technologies allows workshops to use the latest technologies for the latest models.

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