TEGV Rolls Up Hands for Children of Seasonal Agricultural Worker Families

TEGV Rolls Up Hands for Children of Seasonal Agricultural Worker Families

TEGV Rolls Up Hands for Children of Seasonal Agricultural Worker Families

TEGV, which has been providing quality education support to children all over Turkey for 26 years, has not forgotten the children of seasonal agricultural worker families who are out of education. With the support of the Royal Netherlands Matra Fund, the 'Back to School' project gave the children of agricultural worker families in the Harran region a set of tablet computers loaded with educational applications, board games and storybooks in order to improve their basic reading, number and life skills and accelerate their cognitive development. With the 'Four Seasons Education' project, which is supported separately by Ferrero Precious Agriculture program and Patience Fındık / Trabzon, the children of families working in hazelnut farming were provided with Firefly educational support. Aiming at equal opportunity and inclusiveness in education, TEGV continues to deliver tablets and educational support to village schools with its 'New World' project.

The project, which was started in 2019 by the Education Volunteers Foundation of Turkey (TEGV) with the support of the Dutch Embassy Matra Fund, aiming to provide educational support to the children of seasonal agricultural workers living in the Harran and Eyyubiye districts of Şanlıurfa, was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic. Due to the closure of schools due to the pandemic, children could not attend schools and could not meet with their teachers by distance education tools because they did not have tablets at home. In the region where the household population average is 6.8, since there are an average of five children in each house, the students could not follow their lessons on EBA TV. Since the parents of most of the children living in this region do not receive education, they do not have the chance to be supported by an adult at home. TEGV also developed a special project with the aim of helping children displaced and unable to attend school continue to learn and develop, and have fewer adaptation problems when returning to school.

Educational support kits were prepared for children

In order to prevent these children from being away from education, TEGV has prepared educational support kits that enable children to continue their academic and personal development under conditions where they cannot receive support from parents, teachers or other adults. Thanks to this project, these educational support kits were delivered to 80 seasonal agricultural worker children living in Şanlıurfa's Harran and Eyyubiye districts. The children were given tablet computers with different offline education applications that they could use without an internet connection, learn Turkish and Mathematics, and develop intelligence and basic life skills. Board games were given to children to play in groups and to increase their knowledge of Turkish, mathematics and general culture while playing. Book sets were given to the children to improve their reading and writing skills at the beginner level. Children's development was measured with face-to-face interviews, pre-test and post-tests. The fact that the outputs of the project went far beyond the targeted gains, gave a glimmer of hope for a more comprehensive study of this working model. In addition, within the scope of the project, a program focusing on basic reading, number and life skills was developed, implemented and will continue to be implemented in order to accelerate the adaptation to school of children returning to their homes and schools from seasonal agricultural migration.

With the 'Four Seasons Education' project, it is aimed to provide basic skills to the children of seasonal agricultural worker families.

The children of seasonal agricultural workers, who migrated with their families from their city to another city during the harvest period and spent about six months of the year in camps in different cities, stay away from both school and the attention of their parents during this period. In this process, as they stay away from school and academic knowledge; most of them start working as agricultural workers at an age where they can be called children. Within the scope of the 'Four Seasons Education' project, TEGV also aims to provide the children of families working as seasonal agricultural workers with basic skills that will support their school life such as social emotional learning, visual reading, listening, comprehension, speaking, art and sports. Basic life skills of a total of 7 children aged 11-133 in Sakarya and Ordu, whose families are working in the hazelnut harvest, who came to these regions with seasonal migration with the support of TEGV Ferrero Precious Agriculture program in Sakarya and Sabırlar Hazelnut / Trabzon in Ordu this year. started to implement the 'Four Seasons Education' projects that they can acquire. As part of the project, a TEGV Firefly mobile activity unit was sent to schools near the campgrounds during the harvest period. Children participating in activities both inside and outside the firefly learning units; adopts a positive attitude towards learning with content, materials and activities prepared with the principle of active learning, play and experience; They develop social and emotional skills such as recognizing and managing emotions, establishing and managing relationships, and making responsible decisions.

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