Tarsusa Modern Overpass with Elevator and Ladder

Tarsusa Modern Overpass with Elevator and Ladder

Tarsusa Modern Overpass with Elevator and Ladder

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality continues to carry out its works, one by one, by putting the safety of citizens at the forefront. The pedestrian overpass work, which the teams started to build in Tarsus a short time ago, has been completed. The overpass, which is located on Atatürk Street and parallel to the Sunay Atilla Overpass, under which the railway lines pass, received a positive reaction from the citizens.

Safety and aesthetics together in the overpass

In the new pedestrian overpass project, there are double-sided escalators that can go up and down in both directions. In addition, there are security cameras in the pedestrian overpass, where there are two elevators that can be used by individuals with special needs and elderly citizens, and there are led lighting equipment that attracts attention with their aesthetic appearance in the evening.

Full marks from citizens

Pedestrians and shopkeepers passing through the area, which is not possible to pass from the lower section due to the railway lines, started to use the new overpass. Gürbüz Günaştı, a member of the Tarsus Municipality Council, one of the tradesmen of the region, said, “Where we are now is the train line that divides Tarsus into two, completely separating it into two. There used to be an escalator here that was idle before. Our young people, children, elderly people and disabled people had difficulties in climbing this ladder. This problem was solved by the Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Vahap Seçer. It was a very modern overpass. We have up and down escalators on both sides. Elevators are available for the disabled and the elderly. I say good luck to our people," he said.

Stating that she could not use the old overpass because there was no escalator before, Hatice Babuşoğlu said, “I went up and down from here a lot. I was selling laundry with a bundle on my shoulder. When I get down from here, there is nothing left in my knees. Thank you very much Vahap Seçer, God bless you. God bless someone," he said.

Tradesman Zülfikar Polat, on the other hand, said, "Here, my tradesmen have become a very nice bridge both in terms of our work and appearance."

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