First Unified Body Delivered in T70 Project

First Unified Body Delivered in T70 Project
First Unified Body Delivered in T70 Project

TAI announced that the first combined fuselage was delivered within the scope of the T70 Utility Helicopter Project, which was initiated to meet the need for general purpose helicopters. Within the framework of the T70 Utility Helicopter Project, which includes helicopters under development based on the S70i model, the DGF 8 (H/C16) Cabin Cockpit and Tail assembly processes were successfully completed in the first fuselage transferred to the TAI Structural Assistant General Manager's work share. The first fuselage, which was assembled, was delivered to TAI Helicopter Deputy General Manager with a ceremony. The Deputy General Directorate of Structural continues to work to accelerate the deliveries of the T70 GMH project “assembled body”. With the program, in which the Land, Air and Special Forces Commands, as well as the Gendarmerie General Command, the General Directorate of Security and the General Directorate of Forestry, are determined as users, the general purpose helicopter needs of our country will be met.

T70 Utility Helicopter Program

Within the scope of the program, 70 T109 Utility Helicopters, which will be developed starting from Sikorsky Aircraft's S70i Helicopter, under the main contractor of TAI and sub-contractors of Sikorsky, Aselsan, TEI, Alp Aviation, will be produced in Turkey under license model for the next 10 years. will be delivered to different user. (Land Forces Command, Air Force Command, Special Forces Command, Gendarmerie General Command, General Directorate of Security and General Directorate of Forestry)

Within the scope of the project, the main contractor TAI completed the production, final assembly processes, tests and integrated logistics support of all main parts of T70 helicopters such as cabin, cockpit, tail cone, horizontal and vertical tail, main and tail rotor blades; Aselsan develops and integrates basic avionics and helicopter cockpit development (IMAS) with Sikorsky; TEI produces the T700 engine; Alp Aviation, on the other hand, will manufacture and assemble landing gears, gearbox detail parts and dynamic parts.

With the Turkish Utility Helicopter Program, our country's general purpose helicopter needs will be met and Turkish industry will play an important role in meeting domestic needs in military and civilian areas.

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