It's Possible to Contain Heat in the House on Cold Winter Days

It's Possible to Contain Heat in the House on Cold Winter Days
It's Possible to Contain Heat in the House on Cold Winter Days

📩 25/11/2021 15:41

A harsh winter season awaits us. The first step in trapping the heat inside the house is to have the right exterior insulation system. Master Architect Tuncel Altınel, Polisan Kansai Boya Insulation Systems and Technical Operations Manager, said, “It is possible to save up to 70% in energy with exterior insulation made using quality materials. In case of thermal insulation in all houses in Turkey, annual savings of 8-10 billion dollars can be achieved.

Increasing energy costs have increased the trend towards eco-friendly and eco-friendly solutions that keep the heat inside the house. Exterior insulation of buildings has become the most popular agenda item. Polisan Kansai Boya Insulation Systems and Technical Operations Manager Master Architect Tuncel Altınel noted that the exterior insulation system is actually extremely important in reducing energy costs and contributing to sustainability.

Pointing out that 35-50% energy savings can be achieved in buildings with exterior thermal insulation, Tuncel Altınel said, “The savings rate can reach up to 70% by including the roof and basement ceilings of the buildings in the insulation. Increasing the thickness of the insulation boards can further increase the savings. If all the houses in Turkey are insulated, it is possible to save 8-10 billion dollars annually.”

5 million TL export in October

Pointing out that as Polisan Kansai Boya, they have a 20% share in the insulation market, Tuncel Altınel said, “We maintain the warmth of the houses with Exelans energy insulation systems. While we provide the warmth of the houses with the Rockwool package system, Carbon EPS package system, EPS package system and XPS package systems, we also add a rising value to the Turkish economy with our export activities. As of October 2021, we managed to deliver 5 million TL worth of insulation products to the world. We foresee that the growth trend will continue exponentially in 2022”.

Keep your home warm in 8 steps

Tuncel Altınel stated that in order to prevent heat loss in houses, thermal insulation should be made by using plates of recommended thickness on the exterior of the buildings, and listed the steps to be followed after this stage:

  • Replace your exterior windows with double glazed windows. Increasing the thickness of the joinery profiles you use in your windows and the number of chambers in them provides a great gain in maintaining the temperature.
  • Eliminate heat leaks in windows and doors.
  • Have your roof and basement ceilings insulated. Include the overhangs in the thermal insulation as well.
  • Do not open and close your windows frequently.
  • Use honeycomb suitable for the room size. Be sure to use a thermostatic valve on your honeycombs.
  • Choose a combi boiler according to the size of your house.
  • Do not forget to have your honeycomb and combi boiler maintenance done.
  • The application of central heating system in newly constructed buildings creates a great advantage. Take this into account if you want to change your home.

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