Social Security Institution to Recruit 25 Assistant Inspectors

social security agency
social security agency

The Social Security Institution will receive 25 assistant inspectors. Application deadline is 17 December 2021

From the Social Security Institution Presidency:

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– Title and Number of Staff to be Appointed: Assistant Inspector of the Social Security Institution Presidency, 25 people.

– Valid KPSS Exams: Public Personnel Selection Exams held in 2020 and 2021.

– Written Exam Date: 19.02.2022 (Saturday) and 20.02.2022 (Sunday)

– Application Dates for the Written Exam: Between 06.12.2021 – 17.12.2021.

– Place of Written Exam: Social Security Institution Presidency, Ziyabey Cad. No:6 Balgat/ANKARA

– Written Exam Application and Approval Procedures:

How much salary will the candidates who will apply for the posting…Here are the details

– Applications; e-Government gateway It will be held at the address between 06.12.2021 and 17.12.2021. Applications other than electronic media will not be accepted.

- Applicant; He will enter the application screen with his TR Identity Number, fill in the "Assistant Social Security Institution Assistant Inspector Entrance Exam Candidate Application Form" completely and correctly, and then click the "OK" and "confirm" button to complete the application. The candidate will be held responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in the application.

– After the candidate's application is completed, the KPSS score will be checked by the system through OSYM.

- Applicant; will scan and place a 4.5×6 photograph taken within the last 1 year in the application form electronically.

– The determination of the candidates who will be entitled to participate in the entrance exam is made according to the KPSS success score ranking of the applicants.

– Participation in the Written Entrance Exam: The list of those whose applications are accepted and who are entitled to participate in the written entrance exam will be published on the Institution's website ( In addition, no notification will be sent to the candidate's address.

– Those who are entitled to take the exam; He will be able to attend the exam with his TR Identity Document and the Exam Entrance Document that he will receive through the system. The exam can only be taken by showing these documents.

– Written Entrance Exam Results: The list showing the winners of the written exam, the order of success and the place, day and time of the oral exam is announced on the Institution's website ( by hanging it in the Presidency of the Institution and other places deemed appropriate.

– The documents that will be requested from the candidates who will participate in the oral exam will be announced in the list where the written exam results are announced.


In order to participate in the Social Security Institution Presidency Assistant Inspector Entrance Exam;

– To have the qualifications written in article 657 of the Civil Servants Law No. 48

- Not to be 2022 (thirty-five) years old as of the first day of January 35, when the exam was held,

– Law, political science, economics, business administration, economics and administrative sciences, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy faculties or social services, health administration or health management, mathematics, statistics, actuarial, banking, insurance To graduate from departments of business engineering, industrial engineering, software engineering, electronic engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, computer engineering or from higher education institutions abroad whose equivalence has been accepted by the Higher Education Council,

– In the Public Personnel Selection Exam held by ÖSYM in 2020 and 2021; Getting a score of eighty (22) or more from one of the KPSSP48 or KPSSP80 score types,

- Being among the 5 candidates with the highest scores (up to 125 times the number of staff to be appointed) who apply for the written exam (2020 and 2021 KPSS exams will be evaluated together, and all candidates who score equal to the last candidate will be called for the exam), conditions are sought.

– Candidates; Inspector's character, working understanding and ethical rules must be possessed, his health condition must be suitable to work all over the country and to travel in all kinds of climate and travel conditions.


– Written examination; Provided that it is in the classical method, it is prepared from the topics listed below and listed in Article 24 of the Regulation of the Social Security Institution Guidance and Inspection Presidency.

a) Composition (It is applied if the written exam is given by the Institution and it is done on general, current and socio-economic issues.)

b) Public Finance

1) Fiscal Theory (Public Revenues and Expenditures, Public Debt and Budget)

2) Fiscal Policy

3) Tax Law and Turkish Tax System

c) Economy

1) Economic Theory (Micro, Macro Economics and Economic Analysis)

2) Economic Policy

3) Monetary Theory and Policy

4) International Economy

5) Turkish Economy and Current Economic Problems

d) Law

1) Constitutional Law

2) Civil Law (Except Family Law and Inheritance Law)

3) Law of Obligations

4) Commercial Law (Commercial Business Law, Corporate Law and Negotiable Instruments Law)

5) Administrative Law and Administrative Procedural Law

6) Social Security and Labor Law

d) Accounting

1) General Accounting

2) Financial Statement Analysis

e) Foreign Language

1) English

2) French

3) German is one of its languages.

– Those who fail the written exam are not invited to the oral exam.

– In the oral exam, besides checking the knowledge of the candidates on written exam subjects and general culture; Personal qualities such as intelligence, comprehension, reasoning and speaking ability, attitude and behavior are also taken into consideration.

– In order to be considered successful in the Written and Oral Examinations, it is necessary to have the scores stipulated in the articles 29, 32 and 33 of the Social Security Institution Guidance and Inspection Presidency Regulation to be considered successful.

– Objections to the written and oral exam results can be made to the exam board with a petition within 5 working days from the announcement of the written and oral exam results. These objections are examined by the examination board within 3 working days at the latest and the result is notified in writing to the person concerned.

– Assistant inspector entrance exam results; The list showing the order of success and the winners of the exam as principal or substitute will be posted on the Institution's Presidency, Guidance and Inspection Presidency and group presidencies buildings and will be published on the Institution's website (

– Candidates must have a valid identity document (identity card, driver's license or passport) with the exam entrance document on the exam day. Those who do not have the exam entrance document and valid identity document will not be allowed into the exam halls.

– Candidates are prohibited from taking the exam with their bags and similar items, mobile phones, pagers, radios, cameras, pocket computers, calculators and similar devices, and watches that have functions other than the clock function. The status of those who have these goods, vehicles and devices with them will be determined with a report and the exam of these candidates will be deemed invalid.

– Candidates should have a black pencil, sharpener and non-marking eraser with them for the writings they will write in the exam.

– The situations of those who cheat, cheat or attempt to cheat during the exam and who put an indicative mark on the exam papers will be determined with a report and the exam of these candidates will be invalid and legal action will be taken against these people.

– The accuracy of the statements made by the candidates who have passed the entrance exam is determined by the Guidance and Inspection Presidency before the appointment process. The exam of those who make false statements will be deemed invalid and their appointments will not be made, even if their appointments have been made, they will be cancelled. These persons cannot claim rights. In addition, a criminal complaint is made to the Public Prosecutor's Office, in order to apply the relevant provisions of the Turkish Penal Code, about those who are found to have made false statements.

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