Safe Driving Training for Women Drivers of IETT from MAN

safe driving training for mandan iett's female drivers
safe driving training for mandan iett's female drivers

MAN Truck and Bus Trade Inc. gave 'Safe Driving Training' to female drivers working in urban transportation within the scope of its cooperation with Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. 24 female drivers actively working in the city lines within the body of IETT participated in the safe driving trainings, both interactive and applied on the vehicle, by the expert trainers of the MAN ProfiDrive Academy. The female drivers of IETT, who successfully completed the training, in which test drives were conducted with the new generation MAN Lion's City CNG Efficient Hybrid model, were given their certificates with a ceremony.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB) and MAN Truck and Bus Ticaret A.Ş. An important cooperation was signed between In this context, safe driving and MAN Lion's City CNG Efficient Hybrid trainings were given for two days by the expert trainers of the MAN ProfiDrive Academy to female drivers working in urban transportation within the body of IETT. In addition to the interactive trainings, 27 of the 24 female drivers working on active lines within the body of IETT participated in the trainings that were carried out practically on the vehicle. Women drivers made their test drives with the new generation MAN Lion's City CNG Efficient Hybrid buses, which stand out with their advanced technology, environmental awareness and high fuel economy and safety. The female drivers who successfully completed the training process received their certificates at a ceremony.

IETT General Manager Alper Bilgili, Deputy General Manager Murat Altıkardeşler, Head of Human Resources and Training Department Naşit Oskay, Training Manager Neslihan İncirci attended the Safe Driving and MAN Lion's City Efficient Hybrid technical introduction training ceremony held at MAN's Istanbul İkitelli Facilities. MAN Truck and Bus Trade Inc. General Manager Tuncay Bekiroğlu, Public Sales Manager Taylan Aslanoğlu, Human Resources Manager Sezen Solen İnci and female drivers who took part in the training attended the training.

“As the municipality, we attach special importance to women's employment”

Speaking at the opening of the ceremony, IETT Deputy General Manager Murat Altıkardeşler stated that they, as İBB, attach special importance to women's employment and said, "Our Metropolitan Mayor, Mr. Ekrem İmamoğluDue to the 'equality in social life' based understanding of ., we have increased the number of female employees in Istanbul, not only in IETT, but also in almost every field from fire brigade to city line ferries, from metro to security personnel, and we continue to do so. In line with this understanding, we want to employ much more female drivers in the future. Our female drivers, who started their first duty, received very positive reactions. The biggest share of the thanks we receive belongs to our female drivers. Some of our passengers state that they first felt uneasy when they saw a female driver behind the wheel, but as they saw the skills of our female drivers in the following minutes, the uneasiness gave way to confidence. As the municipality, we trust our female drivers in the same way. Thanks to their respect for the work they do, the care and dedication they show while doing their jobs, they also inspire other women who are considering doing this job after them. We continue to work with all our efforts to increase the service quality in urban public transportation. We still have a lot of work to do in order to provide the people of Istanbul with the quality service they deserve. In particular, we will quickly purchase vehicles to rejuvenate the age of our vehicle fleet. In addition to the 160 metrobus vehicles we have signed, we aim to add 2022 more vehicles to our fleet in 100," he said.

“We trust the knowledge, skills and abilities of women in every field”

MAN Truck and Bus Trade Inc. On the other hand, General Manager Tuncay Bekiroğlu emphasized that women rely on their knowledge, skills and abilities in all areas of life and said:

“At the end of this training, which also aims to eliminate the negative perception of women's use of commercial vehicles in urban transportation, we saw that; When given the opportunity, women can successfully overcome any task. We were very happy to support their success with the MAN ProfiDrive Academy, which is part of our MAN Education Academy. In a city like Istanbul with the most difficult traffic in the world, driving a heavy vehicle such as a bus is not a job for everyone. For this reason, I congratulate all women drivers who have the courage to enter this job within IETT and make a difference with their success in Istanbul city transportation. We wish to continue our cooperation with IMM and other municipalities on safe and advanced driving training, which is of great importance in terms of life and property safety in traffic.

As MAN, we offer the most ideal solutions for different business lines in the truck, tractor, bus and light commercial vehicle industries. More than 2.000 of our vehicles are working only in urban transportation throughout Turkey. In addition to our 1.240 CNG-powered buses in Ankara and 50 CNG-powered buses in Gaziantep, our vehicles have been serving in many cities of our country for many years without any problems. The main reasons for our customers' preference are undoubtedly the environmentally friendly features of our vehicles, superior technologies, high fuel savings, driver-passenger safety systems, comfort and design privileges, as well as after-sales services. We do not only produce and sell vehicles under the umbrella of MAN, but also offer vehicles to the market that will serve for many years smoothly and safely by establishing long-term collaborations.”

After the speeches at the ceremony, the female drivers who completed their training were given certificates of achievement. Participants who received their certificates thanked IETT and MAN for their contribution and support to their development.

Safe driving and MAN Lion's City Efficient Hybrid Technical Introductory Training given in three stages

In the three-stage training, which witnessed an intense working process, first of all, interactive trainings were given to the participants on vehicle design and safe driving. Then, female drivers were informed about the technology of the MAN Lion's City CNG Efficient Hybrid, which was used in the tests and is the new favorite of urban transportation with its superior qualities. Particularly in the trainings where the environmentally friendly and durable engine technology of MAN Lion's City, superior fuel economy, cutting-edge design, innovations for driver and passenger comfort come to the fore, as well as the technological infrastructure and advantages of the Efficient Hybrid function, as well as the superior features of the CNG engine, the participants will be interactively presented with technical details. conveyed through educational applications. In the third stage, practical on-board demonstration and safe driving techniques trainings were carried out practically.

Female drivers got full marks from their instructors

After the necessary training, the female drivers drove in real traffic conditions with the new generation MAN Lion's City CNG Efficient Hybrid model on the Northern Marmara Highway, accompanied by the expert trainers of MAN ProfiDrive Academy and IETT. The female drivers, who proved to be successful in the use of heavy-duty vehicles as in every other field, received full marks from all instructors with their interest, knowledge and attention, as well as their calm and safe driving skills.

The new generation MAN Lion's City CNG makes a difference with its Efficient Hybrid features

The new generation MAN Lion's City CNG Efficient Hybrid, which is used in the two-day trainings, can make a minimum of 1.260 kilometers even in the most difficult traffic and road conditions with its 4-liter Type500 CNG tanks, as well as many innovations it brought to urban transportation. The new generation bus has a high-tech, natural gas engine with a volume of 9.5 liters, capable of producing 320 hp and producing 1400 Nm of high torque. The MAN Lion's City CNG Efficient Hybrid, which is in the 'Hybrid Vehicle' class, as the vehicle's engine is supported by an electrical system called KSG that can output up to 12 kW and produce 520 Nm of torque, also includes ABS, ASR, EBS, ESS and blind spot. It combines many driver safety support systems such as warning assistant.

In addition, the driver's cabin with increased safety that meets the ergonomic requirements of drivers with different physical structures at the maximum level, ambient lighting in different colors that offers a spacious interior, wide outward-facing viewing angle that facilitates the work of drivers, easily readable panel and control keys, rear view camera, heating and cooling features. MAN Lion's City CNG Efficient Hybrid, which has a wide adjustment range for the driver's seat with a wide adjustment range, colorful and easy-to-use screens, and covered sections for bags and other items in the cabin, makes its difference in urban transportation with its heated driver's glass, windshield and mirrors and LED lighting system that facilitates night vision. reveals.

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