Rolls-Royce Signs Totalcare Agreement With MNG Airlines

Rolls-Royce Signs Totalcare Agreement With MNG Airlines

Rolls-Royce Signs Totalcare Agreement With MNG Airlines

Rolls-Royce has signed a TotalCare® agreement with MNG Airlines for the Trent 330 engines that power two additional Airbus A300-2 P700F cargo aircraft. Istanbul-based MNG Airlines already has an A700-330F aircraft in its fleet, powered by Trent 200 and with TotalCare service support.

With this agreement, MNG Airlines will be provided with a fixed operating and maintenance cost for Trent 700 engines through the pay-per-hour mechanism. MNG Airlines will also support fleet efficiency by creating a better economy for its customers. Enhanced aircraft availability will be ensured, thanks to Rolls-Royce's advanced engine health monitoring system and engine information from the Trent 700's more than 60 million flight hours in service.

The TotalCare service provided by Rolls-Royce continues to provide world-class support not only to airlines carrying passengers, but also to air cargo carriers. In addition to these areas it supports, the TotalCare service is not only a service that offers an engine maintenance plan, but also a service concept based on predictability and reliability.

Trent 60, which is the preferred engine for the A330 with a market share of more than 700 percent for combined passenger and cargo aircraft, also provides the highest thrust to the A330 cargo aircraft. In this way, Trent 700 also provides its users with extra load capacity compared to other engine options. Trent 700 not only emits less CO2 and is the most economical engine to run on the A330, but also offers confidence in the industry with its 99,9% shipment safety.

Making a statement on the subject, John Kelly, Rolls-Royce Senior Vice President of Customers, said: “With our TotalCare service, we continue to support MNG Airlines' A330 fleet without slowing down. The Trent 700 engine has proven to be the market choice for the A330 aircraft. Our services will help MNG Airlines maximize its benefits.”

Ali Sedat Özkazanç, General Manager of MNG Airlines, said, “We continue to satisfy our customers with our growing fleet and to consolidate our leading position in our country and in the sector. We need to keep our A330 cargo fleet at maximum operational reliability and keep our maintenance costs at a minimum. Our TotalCare agreement allows us to do just that, drawing on Rolls-Royce's years of expertise with this engine. Thank you to Rolls-Royce for providing the TotalCare service to us.” He gave his comments on the subject.

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