Contract Signed with Ukraine for Combat Unmanned Aircraft System Engine

Contract Signed with Ukraine for Combat Unmanned Aircraft System Engine
Contract Signed with Ukraine for Combat Unmanned Aircraft System Engine

On the second day of the defense, aerospace and space fair SAHA EXPO 2021, Baykar Defense and Ukrainian Ivchenko-Progress Combatant Unmanned Aircraft System (MİUS) signed a contract. The contract signed for MİUS Project covers AI-322F Turbofan Engine Supply and AI-25TLT Turbofan Engine Integration.

Referring to Akıncı TİHA's Ivchenko Progress AI-450 engine, Baykar General Manager Haluk Bayraktar said; “Our Strategic Akıncı Unmanned Aerial Vehicle was powered by Ivchenko Progress' AI-450 engine. We produce Akıncı serially. Next is the unmanned warplane. With the contract, we will install the AI-322F engine, produced jointly by Ivchenko Progress and Motor Sich, on our unmanned fighter aircraft. I hope that this signature will further the strategic cooperation between the two countries and will strengthen the two countries.” made statements.

As reported by TRT Haber, Igor Kravchenko, General Manager of Ivchenko Progress, stated that the cooperation between the two countries has reached a new level.

“Turkey is currently one of the strongest drone manufacturers in the world. Ukraine is one of the 6 countries that can produce engines from start to finish. I am confident that our joint work will contribute to the security and independence of the two countries, as well as presenting a new and stronger product to the world. I believe that this joint work will contribute not only to defense but also to the economies of the two countries. Today, we see the results of this cooperation formed by mutual trust.

There have been times when there have been problems that we only solved over the phone. We are getting the results of this quick work today. I guarantee that this unmanned armed vehicle will work in the best and strongest way. I am sure that this will not be our last project and we will step into newer projects together.” made statements.

AI-322F Turbofan Engine; It is the afterburner version of the AI-322 turbofan engine. AI-322F; It can produce a maximum thrust of 2500 kgf without afterburner, 4500 kgf with afterburners and can operate up to Mach 1.6. The engine has a fan diameter of 624 millimeters and a mass of 560 kg. AI-322F can be used on L-15 trainer and light attack aircraft.

Cooperation agreement between Motor Sich and Baykar Defense

According to Ukrinform, the agreement was signed during the TEKNOFEST Aviation and Space Festival held in Istanbul. Baykar Defense General Manager Haluk Bayraktar, in his speech after the signing, said, “Today is an important moment for our companies. As you know, our AKINCI Attack Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System is supplied to the Turkish Armed Forces. AKINCI is a product of high technological level. We are actively cooperating with Ukraine on engines, especially with the companies “Ivchenko-Progress” and “Motor Sich”. It is very important that our countries support each other.” made statements. Bayraktar emphasized that the cooperation between Ukraine and Turkey has grown in recent years and is implemented with the principle of mutual benefit.

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