Metro Istanbul Registered Its Success in Safe and Comfortable Transportation with a 5 Star Certificate

Metro Istanbul Registered Its Success in Safe and Comfortable Transportation with a 5 Star Certificate
Metro Istanbul Registered Its Success in Safe and Comfortable Transportation with a 5 Star Certificate

As a result of the competency evaluation organized by Metro Istanbul, KalDer; Leaving 10 organizations behind, it received 5 stars at once. Metro Istanbul, the first and only rail system operator in Turkey to achieve this degree; has registered its success in safe and comfortable transportation with the "5 Star Certificate". EFQM Excellence Model; It includes evaluations of the organization's efforts to achieve excellence in nine criteria. Among these criteria; the activities carried out by the company and the opportunities it offers to its employees.

Metro Istanbul, one of the subsidiaries of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), was awarded for its efforts to provide safer and more comfortable service to Istanbul residents. Breaking new ground in Turkey, Metro Istanbul registered its success in rail system management with the "5 Star Certificate".

Turkey's largest urban rail system operator, Metro Istanbul, as a result of the competency evaluation made by the Turkish Quality Association (KalDer) in line with the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) European Quality Management Foundation Excellence Model; It became the first and only rail system operator in Turkey to receive the "5 Star Certificate". In 2021, 11 organizations participated in the KalDer EFQM Recognition and Award Program. 2 organizations preferred to keep their names confidential.


Turkey Excellence Awards found their owners at the 17th Quality Congress held on 30 November this year. General Manager Özgür Soy, who received the quality certificate of Metro Istanbul at the event, stated that they were very happy to be entitled to receive 5 stars.

EFQM assessment; Emphasizing that they participated in order to institutionalize, increase the level of process maturity and make their success sustainable, Soy said, “Metro Istanbul is located in the middle of a giant ecosystem with 2.2 million passengers at one end and thousands of suppliers at the other. In order to achieve lasting success, you need to manage this ecosystem well by integrating with all your stakeholders. The EFQM Model also specifically evaluates this issue.”


Pointing out that they want to guarantee the necessary basic conditions in terms of passenger satisfaction, employee health and environmental effects, Soy said, “We are aware that people are temporary and institutions are permanent. For this reason, we want to implement a sustainable management model and a corporate system where even our grandchildren who use the metro lines in Istanbul can enjoy the fruits of it 50 years later.”


Özgür Soy stated that all employees had a share in the success achieved and ended his speech as follows: Good results come with great efforts. I thank all my colleagues. Recently, we received 84 points as Metro Istanbul in the passenger satisfaction survey conducted by Comet, the international metro companies comparison organization, and ranked first among the 25 leading metro companies in the world. For the first time in the last 7 years, we have achieved a significant leap in our customer satisfaction rate, surpassing 80 points. Companies accustomed to success always aim higher.”


EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) was founded in 1988 with 14 members. The foundation established with the aim of “to be the driving force to ensure the sustainable excellence of organizations in Europe”; He developed the Business Excellence Model in 1992. With this model, it is emphasized that success in customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and impact on society can be achieved by directing policies and strategies, employees, resources and processes with an appropriate leadership approach, thus achieving excellence in business results. The nine main criteria in the Model are; includes reviews of the organization's efforts to achieve excellence.

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