Red Beets to Coronavirus, Eggs to Keep Fit

Coronaviruse Red Beet Eggs To Stay Fit
Coronaviruse Red Beet Eggs To Stay Fit

It is possible to have a body that is both fit and immune. Nutritionist and Dietitian Pınar Demirkaya lists five golden suggestions from strengthening immunity against diseases such as seasonal flu, coronavirus and colds to losing weight without counting calories.

Nutritionist and Dietician Pınar Demirkaya, who says that immunity can be strengthened while having a fit appearance, aims to make people the healthiest. Stating that there is no need to keep a calorie account for this, Demirkaya draws attention to the error of depriving people of any food directly while dieting. Demirkaya makes five recommendations for both the implementation of proper nutrition therapy and the strengthening of immunity for diseases such as seasonal flu and coronavirus.

Keeps eggs in shape

The foods that the person can consume should be determined after the tests and examinations. Microbiome analysis is important at this stage. In addition, Glucose, Lactose and Lectin are among the important points to be considered. But there is one food in particular that can be included in general food consumption. This is the egg. Eggs are a hearty and healthy food that helps to maintain form.

Mediterranean Diet

In order to stay in shape or lose weight, it is necessary to starve the fat cells, not the body. Starving cells is not the same as starving a person. For this reason, it is beneficial to stay away from diets with high calorie restrictions. There are healthy methods that will not leave you hungry, but you can also stay in shape. The Mediterranean Diet is one of them.

Mushroom increases muscle mass

Diets with high calorie restrictions are not sustainable, and when the process is abandoned, the lost weight returns in a short time. In this direction, it is necessary to ensure that people get to know their own bodies. Those who want to increase their muscle mass should eat mushrooms, and those with Type 2 Diabetes should lose their excess weight first. In other words, the right nutrition program is essential for the right result.

Salad and vegetable soup

Those who sit at the dinner table hungry feel as if they will eat everything on the table and will not be satisfied. However, this is not true. Instead of starting to eat with high-calorie foods on the table, preferring lighter foods allows consuming less heavy foods. Therefore, the meal can be started with a salad or vegetable soup.

beetroot for immunity

Not getting enough sleep invites weight gain and lowers the immune system. Good sleep is also important against seasonal flu, colds and coronavirus-like illnesses. This strengthens the immune system. As a supplement, consuming beetroot or drinking its juice helps strengthen the immune system.

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