How and When Should Combi Maintenance Be Done? Is Combi Boiler Maintenance Owned by the Tenant?

How and When Should Combi Maintenance Be Done? Is Combi Boiler Maintenance Owned by the Tenant?
How and When Should Combi Maintenance Be Done? Is Combi Boiler Maintenance Owned by the Tenant?

With the approach of the winter months, one of the problems that confuses almost everyone is how the boiler maintenance is and when it should be done. It is very important to have the boiler serviced before the weather gets cold. When annual boiler maintenance is neglected, failures caused by lack of maintenance may not be detected beforehand and the user may be faced with constant problems. Having maintenance provides energy savings and thus financial savings, while at the same time prolonging the lifetime of the combi. In addition, regular maintenance is extremely important for safety, as it can prevent exposure to a possible gas leak.

Combi boiler maintenance should be done before the weather gets cold, in order not to experience victimization during the period when the need for heating is felt. In this way, problems such as malfunctions between the dates needed can be prevented by having the boiler serviced. In critical dates, the honeycombs heat up to meet the expectations. In addition, it provides savings in the use of natural gas and electricity. Thus, the highest efficiency that can be obtained from the combi boiler is obtained.

When Should You Do Combi Boiler Maintenance?

Although there is no specified date range, before the winter season of the boiler maintenance; It is recommended to be done at the end of the summer season or in September and October. Boiler maintenance must be repeated every year. In case of malfunctions other than maintenance, help should be sought from the authorities, and the problems should not be ignored.

How to maintenance a boiler?

For maintenance, first of all, the performance of the boiler is checked and the water leakage status is checked. Afterwards, the dirty water in the combi is emptied, the air in the tank is checked and interventions are made according to the situation. If there is no problem, the inside of the boiler is opened; The dust formed in the combustion chamber, the burner, the fan, the heater filter and the general inside of the combi is cleaned. After cleaning, these parts are put back into place. If there are any damaged parts, they are replaced with new ones. The gas-adjusted boiler is tested and possible mishaps such as gas leakage are prevented. Final checks must be carried out in the presence of the user. At the end of all these processes, the maintenance specialist informs the user and the boiler maintenance process is concluded in this way.

Maintenance processes must be carried out by persons with a certificate of authorization, and the safety of life and property should not be endangered. In addition to the maintenance of the combi, the core maintenance should not be ignored, because taking the air of the radiators, which are called combi cores, and cleaning the inside and outside directly affects the performance of the combi. Combi boiler and honeycomb maintenance should be carried out simultaneously by experts who are also competent in their work.

Generally, many people delay having boiler maintenance due to the cost. However, this delay may result in greater damage to the combi boiler. At the same time, users may have to have higher cost maintenance and repairs. As a result, neglecting to have the boiler maintenance done and not having it done by an expert can endanger the safety of life and property. For this reason, do not forget to have a boiler maintenance and to check the competence certificate of the team that comes to your home for boiler maintenance.

Is Combi Boiler Maintenance Owned by the Tenant?

One of the most frequently asked questions about combi boilers is "Does the boiler maintenance belong to the tenant?" is the question. Combi boiler is considered as one of the fixtures in rented houses. Article 301 of the Code of Obligations states that the lessor is obliged to deliver the leased property on the agreed date, in a condition suitable for the intended use in the contract, and to keep it in this condition for the duration of the contract. In other words, the tenant is obliged to keep and deliver the property as he rented it from the owner, and the maintenance of the boiler belongs to the tenant.

Since the tenant has to have the annual maintenance done, the tenant is also obliged to pay the damages incurred in the combi boiler that has not been maintained. If there is a malfunction fee that is not caused by the tenant, the landlord must pay this fee after the approval of the technical service. In short, it is extremely important in this respect to have the boiler maintenance done on time and regularly.

By having your combi boiler serviced regularly by authorized services, you can both save energy and use your combi more safely and efficiently.

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