Kiosk Support for the Kindness Movement

Kiosk Support for the Kindness Movement
Kiosk Support for the Kindness Movement

Charitable Istanbul residents will be able to donate to the Istanbul Foundation more easily. Of the KIOSKs to be placed in areas with dense urban population; Those who wish can make a donation of 20 TL. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu's, “leaving no one behind and the act of kindness, where the hand that takes does not see the hand that gives” will be given as an education scholarship to the needy families and especially the girls, determined by the Istanbul Foundation, with the infrastructure of ISBAK AŞ.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) continues to bring together the best examples of social municipality with the citizens of the city. Istanbul residents can transfer a fixed fee of 20 TL with contactless accounts and/or credit cards; It will be carried out through the KIOSKs established by İBB's subsidiary İSBAK AŞ.


KIOSK devices can be used in designated shopping malls, city lines, public transportation and stop stations, social facilities, Belturs, etc. areas will be located. The donations to be made through the KIOSK system will be directly transferred to the bank account of the Istanbul Foundation. Donations will be given as educational scholarships to needy families and especially girls determined by the Istanbul Foundation.


Speaking about the project, Mesut Kızıl, General Manager of ISBAK AŞ, stated that they believe the project will be successful and said, "We aim to expand a system that focuses on the solidarity and cooperation culture of Istanbul residents and creates opportunities where citizens can donate easily during the day."

Istanbul Foundation General Manager Perihan Yücel stated that citizens frequently contact the Foundation directly to make donations; He stated that he believed that philanthropists would find the opportunity to donate easily thanks to the KIOSKs.

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