Kardemir Sets the Domestic and National Train Wheels on the Rail

Kardemir Sets the Domestic and National Train Wheels on the Rail

Kardemir Sets the Domestic and National Train Wheels on the Rail

Kardemir, Turkey's first heavy industry factory, focused on the export of train wheels, which it produces locally and nationally. Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank visited the train wheel production facility of Kardemir, which is known as the "factory establishing factories". Making examinations in Kardemir, which is considered the pioneer of the Turkish industry, Minister Varank said, "While the ton of construction iron is 700 dollars, the tonne can reach up to 800 dollars after the train wheels are processed and produced here. We will continue to support value-added production in Turkey.” said. Pointing out that the train wheels produced in Kardemir were exported for the first time, Varank said, “Our citizens in Istanbul travel on Marmaray, which operates with these domestic and national wheels. It will make a serious export with the necessary certifications gradually.” he said.

During his visit to Minister Varank, Karabük Governor Fuat Gürel, Karabük deputies Cumhur Ünal and Niyazi Güneş, Karabük Mayor Rafet Vergili, AK Party Karabük Provincial President İsmail Altınöz, Karabük Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Mehmet Mescier, Industrial Zones General Manager Fatih Turan, KARDEMİR Management Erdal Erdem, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, Muhammed Ali Oflaz, Member of the Board of KARDEMİR, and Necdet Utkanlar, General Manager of KARDEMİR.

Making a statement after the visit, Minister Varank said:

We are visiting KARDEMİR within the framework of our Karabük program. KARDEMİR is a company that started the iron and steel industry in Turkey and we are proud of. Within the framework of our visit to KARDEMİR, we visited this huge train wheel production facility, which has been talked about for many years and has now come to an end, and got information about manufacturing.


We act as a government that always supports development through value-added production in Turkey. Train wheels are a process that makes normal iron and steel production value-added. Turkey imports 40 thousand train wheels per year. The facility we see here is a facility that can produce train wheels in many different categories, up to 200 thousand units.


Rail transportation systems are a sector in which standards are applied intensively in the world. Train wheels produced in this facility can also be used in very different wagons and rail systems. Many different models can be produced here. From freight wagon wheels to wheels that can be used on Marmaray, this facility has the capability to produce.


This facility was put into practice with an investment of approximately 170-180 million dollars. In addition to meeting Turkey's needs here, I hope a serious export will be made in the coming period with the necessary certifications of these wheels. Well, if we ask what is the added value here, under normal conditions, a ton of construction iron is 700 dollars, while the train wheels here can reach up to 800 dollars after processing and production. The added value in between remains in our country.


It is pleasing that we are succeeding in Karabük in Turkey, a job that few countries in Europe can achieve in a world we can call high technology, and that our workers and engineers are producing these wheels. We will continue to support value added production in Turkey. We will continue to be concerned about developing our country with production by supporting domestic or foreign investors wherever they are in Turkey.


Some of the wheels you see here are still being used in Turkey. Export was also realized for the first time. Train wheels here can be exported to Europe. Our citizens in Istanbul travel on Marmaray, which operates with these local and national wheels. One of the most important capabilities of this place is that they can develop and produce all kinds of models delivered to them with their own molds. If there is a need for a wheel of any class in Turkey, we will be able to meet it in Karabük from now on, and we will be able to export it.


As it is the first in Turkey, we are one of the few countries in Europe. This is a topic that has been talked about for years. The investment in this business started 5-6 years ago. These wheels can be used both in Turkey and abroad, with the necessary certifications being obtained after the first productions in 2018.


Erdem, Deputy Chairman of KARDEMİR Board of Directors, said, “Train rail production, which started in 2004, was implemented in 2006 with the work started on the vision of our President. As the second vision, steps were taken on the train wheel. Currently, we have a production facility that is 5 times the size of our country's needs.” said.


Emphasizing that their main aim is export, Erdem said, “We have progressed in all certificates in Europe. Our exports started this year. In the coming years, we will be an ambitious organization in the field of train wheels in Europe and the world. We proceed with the vision of our local engineers. We thank both our government and our minister for their contributions.” he said.

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