Carbon Neutral Train Starts New Silk Road Journey

Carbon Neutral Train Starts New Silk Road Journey
Carbon Neutral Train Starts New Silk Road Journey

The carbon neutral train of Gefco started its journey from Dunajska Strada, Slovakia, to Xi'an, China. Logistics company Gefco has sailed a carbon neutral freight train to China via the new Silk Road at the request of a customer seeking a very low-carbon transport solution. Gefco has committed to investing in Gold Standard certified projects to offset the environmental damage of the 250 tonnes of carbon that will still be emitted along the entire route.

Gefco's railway manager, Alice Defranoux, said that they have passed an important stage by providing permanent improvement to transportation with the said carbon neutral train. On Monday, November 15th, the 41-car train set off from Dunajska Strada will reach the Chinese city of Xi'an with a three-week journey on the new Silk Road route. Between Poland and Belarus, wagons will also necessarily change between the change of track width.

Later, the train, which will cross Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan, will enter the Xinjiang region of China. There, too, the goods will be loaded onto Chinese wagons for the rest of the way. The transported products will be tracked and controlled through IoT (Internet of Things) connected devices throughout the journey.

Source: China International Radio

📩 18/11/2021 13:20

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