One-Week Children's Rights Day Program from Izmir Metropolitan

One-Week Children's Rights Day Program from Izmir Metropolitan
One-Week Children's Rights Day Program from Izmir Metropolitan

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, President Tunç SoyerIt continues to work within the scope of 's child-oriented city vision. The Metropolitan Municipality has prepared a weekly series of events to draw attention to the 20 November World Children's Rights Day.

Children will both have fun and learn through the events organized in Kültürpark and the Metropolitan Municipality's Seferihisar Children's Municipality between 15-20 November, and families will listen to the importance of children's rights from experts.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality organized a weekly activity program within the scope of 20 November World Children's Rights Day. Organized to draw attention to children's rights, to protect children and to improve their living conditions, the events will provide a feast-like week for children on holiday in Kültürpark and Seferihisar between 15-20 November 2021.

Entertainment at Kulturpark

With the slogan of “#Children have the childright”, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Social Projects Department, Children's Municipality Branch Directorate, organized puppetry, drama, pantomime, fun science, silent songs, playgrounds, animation shows, rhythm, art, mind games and street games. Many workshops will be set up. On Saturday, November 20, there will be the Bicycle Circus Stage Screening, the pantomime play called Mimdo's Calling, the Silent Songs Workshop, the stage performance of the children and the Şubadap Children's Concert.

Interviews for adults

A talk was held at the Kültürpark Fair Youth Theater on Thursday, November 18, in order to raise awareness of all adults, especially families, as well as the activities prepared for children. After the Children's Rights Cartoon Exhibition at 13.30, Prof. Dr. Oğuz Polat's "Child Rights Violations" and Prof.Dr.Halis Dokgöz's interview titled "Child Abuse and Neglect".

Big day at Seferihisar Children's Municipality

Entertainment will continue at the Seferihisar Children's Municipality Campus of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, as well as the activities that will last all week in Kültürpark. On Friday, November 19, between 12.00:16.00 and XNUMX:XNUMX, the bicycle circus, animation shows, stage shows, workshops, parkour games and the Şubadap Concert will provide pleasant moments for the little ones.

"Children's Rights" setting on buses

In addition to the activities, awareness activities were initiated throughout the week to draw attention to children's rights. ESHOT buses, which will provide transportation to various parts of İzmir, were dressed for World Children's Rights Day. The buses were equipped with visuals that included informational content such as children's right to name, citizenship right, right to life, freedom of expression, scope and content of children's rights, right to healthy life, right to play and right to respect for privacy. In the buses, the designated seats were reserved for children. Labels with the words “This seat is reserved for children for their safety, health and rights” were placed on the seats.

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