Esenyurt, the Last Stop of Those Running to Istanbul

Esenyurt, the Last Stop of Those Running to Istanbul

Esenyurt, the Last Stop of Those Running to Istanbul

The fifth stage of the “I'm Running Istanbul” events, which adds color and movement to the beautiful streets of Istanbul, will be held in Esenyurt. The race, in which 250 athletes will take to the track, will be run on Sunday, November 28, 2021.

Esenyurt will be the last stop of the runners in 2021 in the "I'm Running Istanbul" races organized by SPOR ISTANBUL, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), with each stage held at the symbol points of the city.

After Women's Day, Caddebostan Color Run, Bakırköy and Üsküdar Stages, the "I'm Running Istanbul" Esenyurt Stage, which is the fifth race of this year, will be held on Sunday, November 28. The race, which will be run on the 5 km track, will start at 9.00. At the event, where 250 athletes will take part, the race grades of the participants will be measured with electronic timing chips. Applications for runners who want to participate in the Esenyurt Stage will end on November 23.


The series, which will take place for the first time in Esenyurt, will start in front of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Park on Doğan Araslı Boulevard and continue in the direction of Firuzköy Boulevard. The track, which will follow Firuzköy Boulevard in the opposite direction, will merge with Doğan Araslı Boulevard again. The race will end at the starting point, passing through the Esenyurt Municipality Cultural Center, which is the 4th kilometer of the race. The roads on the route, which will be closed to vehicle traffic at 07.30 on the race day, will be opened to traffic after 10.30.


While the race kits are being distributed, the athletes will be asked to present a PCR test or two vaccination cards made after 26:09.00 on Friday, November 400. Athletes in the event area will wear masks until the race starts. The starts will be held with XNUMX athletes every two minutes in order to maintain social distance. Athletes who will run without a mask during the race will be given a new mask at the destination.

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