İmamoğlu Put into Service the Ömerli Emirli 2nd Stage Drinking Water Treatment Plant

İmamoğlu Put into Service the Ömerli Emirli 2nd Stage Drinking Water Treatment Plant

İmamoğlu Put into Service the Ömerli Emirli 2nd Stage Drinking Water Treatment Plant

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluopened the Ömerli Emirli 500nd Stage Drinking Water Treatment Plant, which will purify 540 thousand cubic meters of drinking water per day and cost 2 million TL. He gave warnings on 3 important issues regarding the transfer of the planning authority in the Islands to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization by the Presidential decision, the Melen Dam and the 'Concrete Channel', which could not be completed on the promised date. "We; We will continue to make environmentally friendly, people-oriented investments that will ensure the future of our children," said İmamoğlu, and said, "We will fight in the most resilient way against meaningless, environmentally hostile investments that threaten the future of our children, even the grandchildren of our people living today. I invite all institutions and organizations to do the work that will protect our country, our city, our humanity, people and our world.

İSKİ, a well-established institution of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB), opened the Ömerli Emirli 2nd Stage Drinking Water Treatment Plant into service. Speaking at the ceremony held at Emirli Drinking Water Treatment Plant for the opening, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, touched upon the speeches and talks he gave at the “Climate Summit” held in Glasgow, Scotland. İmamoğlu underlined that the most important agenda item of the countries of the world is the joint measures to be taken against the problems caused by global warming. Offering examples of the works carried out by İSKİ, the ancient institution of the İBB, in this context, İmamoğlu said, “Due to climate change, floods and floods were one of the most critical problems of Istanbul in our world where sudden precipitation causes flooding. Let's be clear that; İSKİ's administration in this period operated a serious process and made serious investments in almost carrying Istanbul towards zero risk in such floods.”


Making important warnings in his speech, İmamoğlu first drew attention to the problem of mucilage in the Sea of ​​Marmara, which has emerged recently. Saying, “The mucilage problem in the Marmara Sea is one of the most critical environmental problems in Istanbul,” İmamoğlu underlined the importance of joint work carried out under the coordination of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Emphasizing that they are one of the most important stakeholders of this process as Istanbul, İmamoğlu shared the information that IMM has an investment plan exceeding 10 billion TL at the point of solving the problem. Stating that they conveyed this plan to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, İmamoğlu noted that they approached the problem from a supra-political perspective.


Saying, "I hope that the agenda and content of the field of politics will reach the quality and process that will match the agenda of this world order, the world system and the expectations of the world," İmamoğlu brought the subject to the declaration of the Marmara Sea as a "protected area" with the Presidential decision. Criticizing that the authority to make plans within the boundaries of the Adalar district, with the protection order, was given to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, irrespective of the issue, İmamoğlu said:

“We regret that an issue that has nothing to do with this business and has nothing to do with his spirit has been turned into a decision as if it was within the scope of this decision. With the instructions of the Ministry and the Minister, the Director General and our officials came together. It has no good intentions or bad intentions. Good intentions and bad intentions are not sought in the process of including the planning authority of the Adalar Municipality within the borders of IMM, the Islands and the Metropolitan Municipality, to the Ministry of Urbanization. This error must be corrected immediately. In order not to lose the spirit of the work, please correct this mistake, in addition to the ongoing discussions. This is not the right job. This turns into an intrusive understanding. You cannot explain this in any way. Of course, if it continues like this, we will not hesitate to seek our legal rights.”


İmamoğlu made his second warning about the Melen Dam, which was promoted as a project that would solve Istanbul's water problem. Stating that the Melen issue is heading towards a very unpleasant process for Istanbul and our country, İmamoğlu said, “In this respect; The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry should urgently inform the public, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and İSKİ about the process carried out through the State Hydraulic Works.” Saying, “We are receiving some reports and reports that a project that is said to be about to be implemented in the Melen Dam has not been finalized yet,” İmamoğlu said, “It has been 4-5 years since the date it was said to be opened on this date. It has been 4-5 years since the date whose hour was given and the day given. And there is still no clear result on this issue, and we are unfortunately worried about the future of the work done.”


Imamoglu's last warning was the "Concrete Channel". “Over the scientific data that emerged about the fact that some of my friends, who have no determination other than the determination to read the text in front of us, that they cooked and cooked and put in front of us, come out and rant about Kanal Istanbul, no matter what the name is, and not to do it about Kanal Istanbul, I see them criticizing the determination, sometimes by me, sometimes by the valuable managers and even the leaders of the political parties, with no qualms and impudence.” I think he did it on the orders of the political will. I have testified of his other capacities. In that respect, I would like to point out that he should choose words and sentences carefully when commenting on what our President or other political representatives have said.”


Emphasizing that they were the ones who determined how Canal Istanbul, which he calls the "Concrete Canal", affects the city and the Sea of ​​Marmara, in the light of scientific data, İmamoğlu said:

“There were no participants from any official institutions and organizations that we invited to the determinations and meetings we made. This includes ministries. We, on the other hand, have not been invited to a scientific or technical study by any ministry, institution or organization, as the people who manage Istanbul, have close to 100 thousand employees, and manage Istanbul with the authority of 16 million citizens. No decision was made by the participant. The processes were managed by the decisions made by a handful of people behind closed doors. It is an environmental massacre. It means not only environmental massacre, but also the waste of a city like Istanbul. With this historical responsibility, we undertake to our citizens, together with our people, that Kanal Istanbul will not and will not be built in Istanbul.”


of the world; Emphasizing that they will continue to stand against such environmental massacres at a time when he started to reject cars that run on fossil fuels, diesel, and gasoline, and at a time when he started to devise environment-oriented policies, İmamoğlu said, “After these threats, we go about our business. İSKİ will both build such waste water treatment plants and the Ömerli Emirli 2nd Stage Drinking Water Treatment Plant, which we opened today. I know that the city has prepared a very valuable 2022 period, 2023 for Istanbul, by collaborating with the units of our institution to make the wastewater infrastructure of the city resistant to flooding, to renovate historical areas and also to produce life valleys, especially in our valleys, which are water collection basins. I know that he will bear the responsibility of gifting millions of square meters of green space to Istanbul by cooperating.”


Announcing that they will put into service the Solid Waste Incineration Facility, which will be the largest in Europe, in Kemerburgaz, which was completed as a result of the work carried out with the İBB subsidiary İSTAÇ, next week, İmamoğlu said, “We; We will continue step by step to make investments that are environmentally friendly, people-oriented and that guarantee the future of our children. We will fight in the most resilient way against meaningless investments against the environment, which threaten the future of our children, make them indebted without hesitation, and even the grandchildren of our people living today. I invite all institutions and organizations not to behave in this way and to do the work that will protect our country, our city, our humanity, people and our world. I sincerely thank all our working brothers, investors, contractor companies involved in these works, İSKİ, the managers of our institution and all stakeholders who contributed to the operation of all our facilities, and wish our facility good luck and good luck to our city.”


İSKİ General Manager Raif Mermutlu shared the following information about the facility in his speech:

“Emirli 540nd Stage Drinking Water Treatment Plant, which has a total cost of 2 million TL, is located in Ömerli Drinking Water Treatment Plant. The water taken from the Melen and Yeşilçay regulators and the Darlık and Ömerli Dams is treated at the campus. The total capacity of the facility, which has a daily treatment capacity of 500 thousand cubic meters, will again reach 2 million 50 thousand cubic meters per day. The water treated at the facility will meet the water needs of the Anatolian Side as well as Fatih, Bakırköy, Beşiktaş, Sarıyer and Zeytinburnu, just like the other facilities at Ömerli Drinking Water Treatment Facilities. With the commissioning of the facility, the drinking water treatment capacity of İSKİ will increase by 11,5 percent, and the capacity of Ömerli Drinking Water Treatment Facilities will increase by approximately 32 percent.”

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