25 Years of Green Flag Award to IMM's Parks

25 Years of Green Flag Award to IMM's Parks

25 Years of Green Flag Award to IMM's Parks

Yıldız Grove and Göztepe 60th Year Park, which are in the area of ​​responsibility of IMM; Green Flag award was given. Green Flag, which has been given to the most beautiful and functional parks of the world for 25 years, is organized by an international independent refereeing committee. Emanuel Flecken, one of the members of the delegation, said that he was impressed by the scenery he saw, “Preserving the history of the parks is a reason for pride. Therefore, congratulations on receiving awards in your two parks”.

The parks, which are under the responsibility of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), gain the appreciation of the citizens as well as international organizations. For the first time, Istanbul has received the Green Flag award, given by a non-profit international committee and Keep Britain Tidy for 25 years. Yıldız Woods and Göztepe 60th Year Park, which are under the responsibility of IMM Park, Garden and Green Areas Department; It was among the winners of 30 parks from Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Sweden.


Carl McClean and Emanuel Flecken, who were on the judging panel, praised Yıldız Grove and Göztepe 60th Yıl Park. Stating that the infrastructure in the parks is great, Flecken said, “The green spaces in Istanbul are of a very high quality standard and involve a large investment. Preserving the history of the parks is a cause of pride. So congratulations on winning awards at your two parks. "We appreciate all the hard work that has been done, including the very high standards of horticulture and agriculture."

Emphasizing that he was very impressed with the investment made in the parks in Istanbul, McClean said, “I see that the parks are used extensively. The Green Flag Award is not an easy one to obtain. It is an expression of the hard work of staff and management and the community's contribution to the development of the parks. We greatly appreciate your capital work and your preservation of the historic features of the parks.”

Head of IMM Park, Garden and Green Areas Department Prof. Dr. Yasin Çağatay also stated that he was excited to receive the Green Flag award from IMM for the first time, and said, “This award confirms that we manage our parks and green spaces at an international standard. As the department, he said, "We are determined to protect and increase our green areas for the future of Green Istanbul".


IMM Department of Parks, Gardens and Green Areas carried out intensive improvement work that lasted for 6 months with the arbitration committee. Afterwards, the delegation, which was invited to Istanbul, made a field trip in Yıldız Grove with an area of ​​380 thousand square meters and Göztepe 80. Yıl Park with an area of ​​​​60 thousand square meters. While scoring; It considered 76 criteria under the main headings of reception location, health and safety, well-maintained and clean, environmental management, biodiversity, landscape and heritage, community engagement, management, marketing and communication.


The Green Flag, an international non-profit accreditation program that recognizes the best parks in the world, started 25 years ago in the UK. The Green Flag, now an international award; It also discusses the benefits parks provide to the public, wildlife and communities. Members of the judging panel making the evaluation are made up of volunteers and park managers working around the world. The Green Flag award is given to encourage parks to meet certain criteria. The Green Flag is flying over 16 locations in 2 countries around the world.

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