Free Transportation Campaign from IMM!

Free Transportation Campaign from IMM!

Free Transportation Campaign from IMM!

The good news of free transportation came from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality to Istanbul residents. With its BELTUR campaign, IMM decided to offer free coffee to those who fire a thousand men a day. Now, IMM, which has expanded that campaign, announced a campaign this time through BELBİM.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality offered a new service to the people of Istanbul through Beltur to encourage healthy living. The name of the new service was “Yürü Be İstanbul”.

In the announcement made by BELTUR, “Coffee from Beltur is a gift to Istanbul residents who take 1.000 steps while exploring their city! For free coffee, download the "Yürü Be İstanbul" application, take 1.000 steps and win the Beltur Coffee badge and gift.

Accordingly, it is possible to drink free coffee from BELTUR branches through the “Yürü Be İstanbul” application that you can download to your mobile phone.

You will be able to get your free coffee if you download the Walk Be Istanbul application, take 1000 steps per day and show it to the relevant people at the BELTUR branch you go to.


This time, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality gave the good news of free transportation to the people of Istanbul with another campaign. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has now offered free pass in public transportation to Istanbulites who took 50.000 steps with IMM's “Yürü Be Istanbul” mobile application.

There is a requirement to earn 50 thousand steps in a week. The announcement on the subject was made at the address of Yuru Be Istanbul.

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