IMM to Organize 'Children's Rights Festival' for the First Time

IMM to Organize 'Children's Rights Festival' for the First Time
IMM to Organize 'Children's Rights Festival' for the First Time

📩 12/11/2021 12:12

IMM will organize a festival for the first time in its history for the World Children's Rights Day, which has been celebrated with various events globally since 1989. Istanbulites will be able to attend the festival free of charge, where IMM City Theaters will organize specially themed workshops, plays and talks to draw attention to children's rights. The workshops, which will be hosted by Müze Gazhane on 19, 20 and 21 November, will be held interactively with limited participants.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), which puts child-oriented policies on the city's agenda, will organize a festival for the first time in its history for the World Children's Rights Day. Organized by IMM City Theaters, the festival will take place on 20 November World Children's Rights Day to support Istanbul to be a child-friendly city. The special programs, which will last for three days, are aimed at raising social awareness about children's rights and helping to build policies with a child perspective.


During the festival, workshops for children, young people and adults will be held in a child-centered and interactive manner at the Museum Gazhane Büyük Sahne and Meydan Sahne. Istanbul residents will be able to attend the events free of charge, in which children of different age groups, parents and educators will take part. Those who want to take part in the workshops with a limited number of participants can participate by filling out the form at


The program of the festival, which will draw attention to children's rights and child-oriented policies, is as follows:

Friday, November 19

  • Child Participation-What is the Right to Participate? : The workshop organized by Nagehan Erbaşı Öğdüm aims to think about the right to participate together with the children.
  • Fairy Tale Time with Children: In the workshop organized by Necibe Bozkurt, children will dream, join hands, play games and sing songs together.
  • Listen to the Child's Voice: Gülbahar Pay's workshop for adults aims to increase knowledge and awareness about children's rights. In the workshop, which is designed with the discipline of creative drama, animations will be made based on a children's literature work with the theme of children's rights.

20 November Saturday

  • Who has the right to live?: In the workshop organized by Seran Demiral and Gülbahar Pay, the participants will think about human-animal-nature, child-adult concepts together and talk about justice and equality with free improvisation.
  • Musical Drawing Workshop-Inner Me: In the event organized by Serhat Filiz, children's rights will be discussed while drawing accompanied by music. The workshop aims to raise self-confident and self-aware children who know their rights.
  • Happy Family Happy Child HorseResume: Nurgül Şenefe's workshop for adults will shed light on the basic rights of children.

Sunday, November 21

  • Others of the World: In the workshop organized by Seran Demiral, the introduction of a story will be told. Afterwards, the continuation of the story will be fictionalized with the children.
  • Dream: The festival will end with the play 'Dream' directed by Özge Midilli, written by Özge Midilli-Ertan Kılıç.

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