Hyundai Reshapes the SUV Segment with SEVEN Concept

Hyundai Reshapes the SUV Segment with SEVEN Concept
Hyundai Reshapes the SUV Segment with SEVEN Concept

Hyundai Motor Company officially introduced its new concept model SEVEN at AutoMobility LA held in America. Prepared by Hyundai's sub-brand IONIQ, the concept car fits in perfectly with the rapidly rising trend of electric SUVs. Bringing a completely different perspective and brand new design features to its segment, SEVEN is also considered a reflection of Hyundai's commitment to carbon neutrality until 2045.

Every tool developed for the IONIQ brand offers a new generation customer experience by seamlessly transferring the most advanced technologies to daily life. The SEVEN concept has space innovation and an innovative living space. In addition, it is a model built on the E-GMP (Electric-Global Modular Platform) developed by Hyundai Motor Group specifically for electric vehicles. The long wheelbase and flat platform floor of the E-GMP, on the other hand, give electric cars an advantage for the use of larger batteries.

SEVEN, unlike conventional SUV models, has a very special aerodynamic silhouette. With a lowered bonnet, aerodynamic roofline and extended wheelbase, it clearly distinguishes itself from internal combustion SUVs. In addition to SEVEN's aerodynamic structure, minimal forms in the design also enable it to display a stronger stance than in terms of volume.

For stronger handling, SEVEN is equipped with wheels with integrated "Active Air Blades" that open and close depending on brake cooling or low friction requirements. SEVEN also has Parametric Pixel lights that make a visual show in the dark of night and also become the brand identity of IONIQ. The Parametric Pixel lighting group creates a collaborative design sequence that connects digital and analog styles.

SEVEN's interior design priority is to create an interior that offers users more freedom than ever before. SEVEN's wheelbase has been kept as high as possible to increase the width, resulting in a total value of up to 3,2 meters. Benefiting from the design features here, the engineers created a fluid interior layout as an alternative to the traditional row-based seating arrangement, thanks to the flat floor. Columnless doors make it easy to enter and exit the interior, while at the same time creating a first-class ambiance with a modern roofline. This special concept, which also reflects Hyundai's vision of autonomous mobility in the future, also has a control bar that can be hidden and retracted when the driver's seat is not used. Unlike traditional cockpits, an ultra-thin layout and integrated screens are featured, while the interior offers a spacious lounge experience like at home. The seat arrangement is prepared in a swivel and curved structure. This is another feature that makes it different from traditional SUVs. Thanks to this seat arrangement, it can be customized depending on driver-controlled or autonomous driving modes. SEVEN also offers flexible space that can be customized for passengers and various in-vehicle mobile equipment. While these features lay the foundations for SEVEN's future IONIQ models, they also prepare a magnificent infrastructure in terms of mobility and connectivity.

The IONIQ SEVEN also features the multi-functional Smart Hub graphical user interface. When the Smart Hub and front seats are combined with the rear seats, they provide a high level of comfort and spaciousness. The concept's visionary roof is equipped with a panoramic screen that changes the overall interior atmosphere for maximum relaxation and enjoyment during the journey.

While the electric concept car offers a range of over 482 km, it also stands out with its performance characteristics. Thanks to the versatile E-GMP platform, the vehicle exhibits an outstanding driving range and can also offer ultra-fast charging capabilities. With a 350 kW charger, it is capable of charging from 20 percent to 10 percent in about 80 minutes.

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