First Drawings of Hyundai's Electric SUV Concept SEVEN Shared

First Drawings Shared From Hyundai's Electric SUV Concept SEVEN
First Drawings Shared From Hyundai's Electric SUV Concept SEVEN

📩 05/11/2021 13:22

Hyundai Motor Company has released drawing images of the all-electric SUV concept SEVEN, which it will unveil at AutoMobility LA on November 17 in the USA. SEVEN symbolizes Hyundai's future design and technology innovation in electric mobility. This new concept of Hyundai also gives clues about the new SUV that will join the electric vehicle (BEV) brand IONIQ family.

According to the images released by Hyundai, it is not difficult to understand that the internal combustion engine cars offer an ambiance far from the traditional structure. Contributing boldly to the innovations brought by electric cars in terms of mobility, Hyundai SEVEN has a highly functional interior design.

SEVEN's lighting architecture was developed by IONIQ's unique design identity, Parametric Pixels. The interior design of SEVEN also reveals the depth of field that Hyundai exhibits with the IONIQ 5. Offering a first-class and personalized cockpit and seating arrangement, the concept will offer its users a high level of comfort and a flawless travel experience in the future.

More detailed information and official images about Hyundai SEVEN will be shared after its introduction.

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