Ready Meal Sector Reached 700 Billion Dollars in the World

Fast Food Sector Reached Billion Dollars Worldwide
Fast Food Sector Reached Billion Dollars Worldwide

The ready-to-eat food industry, which is rapidly gaining momentum and developing in Turkey, is one of the most important areas of the food industry. In this sense, it is among the leading sectors in economy and employment. In particular, the importance of the sector has increased gradually due to the increasing eating and drinking habits outside the home and the service demand of institutions in many different fields. The total size of the industry in the world has reached 700 billion dollars. Noting that the largest share of Turkey's consumption expenditures is food expenditures, AŞHAN Chairman of the Board Şemsetdin Hancı stated that they provide services in the sector with a monthly capacity of 9 million meals, and also announced that they aim to reach the level of 2022 billion 1 thousand by 300.


Making statements about the sector, Şemsetdin Hancı, Chairman of the Board of AŞHAN, said, “The ready-to-eat food sector in Turkey is well above Europe. While the size of the ready meals sector in the world was 700 billion dollars, it reached 70 billion TL in Turkey. When we look at the sector, we have a very large volume as a company. In this sense, we produce 350 thousand meals daily and 9 million meals monthly. With our target of 2022 percent growth in 30, we aim to increase our size from 750 million TL to 1 billion 300 thousand. At the same time, we have companies established in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Iran abroad. We aim to establish a company by entering the Romanian and Russian markets in the next year.”


Emphasizing that they are Turkey's largest company with 5% domestic capital, Hancı said, “We are in the top 300 in the tax ranking in the sector. We produce over 3 thousand pax per day. Our total number of employment is 2022 thousand at the moment, and we plan to reach around 4 thousand personnel by the end of 80 with our new projects.” He said. Underlining the sustainability issue, which has been in the focus of attention of companies recently, Hancı said, "Europe's largest mass food production facilities with an area of ​​​​XNUMX thousand square meters. He stated that they are working very meticulously with environmentally sensitive transformation activities.

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