Design Your Dream Audi With Your Digital Expert

Design Your Dream Audi With Your Digital Expert

Design Your Dream Audi With Your Digital Expert

Audi Turkey offers a brand new sales experience by using the possibilities of the digital world. The 3D Remote Experience application allows Audi enthusiasts to connect and configure the Audi model of their dreams whenever and wherever they want, and to carry out the sales process together.

New production technologies, wider personalization possibilities brought by digitalization, equipment options and versions of automobile models are increasing day by day. In such a period when the options are almost innumerable, only 20 percent of the current models can be exhibited in Audi showrooms. Audi 3D Remote Experience application, which was commissioned by Audi in order to turn this situation to the benefit of its customers, is now available in Turkey.

Audi 3D Remote Experience, the application that makes it possible to configure the model desired by its customers without the need to go to showroms, with expert support, offers endless options to Audi lovers in today's world where business life and education are carried out mostly remotely. The application also provides information service with live support.

After scheduling a session with their sales consultants, Audi enthusiasts will be able to connect from anywhere via personal computer, phone or tablet, see the car they want and add the equipment they want to the car instantly. During this time, they will be able to benefit from the experience and consultancy of Audi experts in dozens of subjects from rims to seat upholstery, from entertainment systems to driving support systems.

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