LaserSonix Q Project of Ford Otosan Engineers Was Deserved of Henry Ford Technology Award

LaserSonix Q Project of Ford Otosan Engineers Was Deserved of Henry Ford Technology Award
LaserSonix Q Project of Ford Otosan Engineers Was Deserved of Henry Ford Technology Award

Ford Otosan, the leading company of the Turkish automotive industry, broke new ground with the technology it developed, inspired by the ability of sopranos to crack glass with their voice. He was awarded the Henry Ford Technology Award (HFTA), the only technology award given on behalf of the founder of the automotive industry, Henry Ford, with the “LaserSonix Q” project, which was developed by a team consisting entirely of Ford Otosan employees and detects faults in parts using sound waves.

Ford Otosan, which values ​​the ideas and expertise of its employees, invests in competencies for this purpose and supports innovative projects, with the “LaserSonix Q” in-house entrepreneurship project, which can separate the production parts as scrap and scrap with a measurement that takes only one second, and contributes to perfecting the production processes. won the Henry Ford Technology Award (HFTA), one of the most prestigious technology awards.

Technology “LaserSonix Q” inspired by the ability of sopranos to break glass with their voice

The “LaserSonix Q” project, which started as an idea in the smart production technology campaign within the scope of Ford Otosan's in-house entrepreneurship program, aims to control production parts in 100% real time, independent of the operators, with its patented technology consisting of hardware and software all developed by Ford Otosan employees. provides.

In this technology, inspired by Ford Otosan engineers' ability to crack glass with the sound of sopranos, production parts are subject to non-contact vibration with a special acoustic signal, and this vibration level is again measured without contact with a laser. By analyzing the vibration characteristics of production parts, faulty parts can be quickly detected during production in real time. In addition to eliminating operator-dependent processes, the project provides environmental benefits through scrap reduction. This special technology used in Ford Otosan Gölcük and Eskişehir plants was also shared with Ford Motor Company's Dearborn Plant in the USA.

Ford Otosan continues to work with the largest R&D organization in the automotive industry.

Continuing its R&D studies uninterruptedly since 1961, Ford Otosan, in addition to its traditional automotive products and services transformed with technological transformation, has been working in the fields of fuel optimization, reduction of CO2 emissions, development of connected and autonomous vehicles, production of electric vehicles, electrification and development of light vehicle technologies. It continues its R&D studies. Adopting innovation in its products, processes and business models with its innovation approach, Ford Otosan, which has the largest engineering organization in the automotive industry, is not only a traditional vehicle manufacturer, but also a company that produces innovative services and shapes the sector, shapes transportation opportunities beyond imagination, and stands out with innovation. continues to work with the aim of becoming a company.

The Henry Ford Technology Award (HFTA) leads the global recognition of the technical achievements of Ford employees and focuses on assessments covering many processes, including research, methodology, product development, business process and manufacturing.

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