Domestic Autonomous UAV STM TOGAN for FNSS Shadow Horseman

Domestic Autonomous UAV STM TOGAN for FNSS Shadow Horseman
Domestic Autonomous UAV STM TOGAN for FNSS Shadow Horseman

At the Unmanned Land Vehicles and Military Robotic Technologies (IKA ART) event, which took place at FNSS facilities and for which numerous declarations of intent were signed, STM's TOGAN UAV autonomously took off and landed on the FNSS Shadow Cavalry unmanned ground vehicle (IKA).

Thanks to the QR code-like area on the platform above the Shadow Horseman, TOGAN autonomously followed the GÖLGE SÜVARİ and landed on the vehicle thanks to the code in this area. In addition, the middle class ICA HAVELSAN BARKAN was loaded into the Shadow Horseman ICA. The autonomous mission execution of more than one unmanned system has been demonstrated.

Although TOGAN and Shadow Horseman are still performing limited roles in the show, they will be needed more effectively in the future; represent an important basis for the joint use of different types of unmanned systems. It is of great importance to prepare for complicated combat environments in which third and future unmanned systems such as HAVELSAN BARKAN in the images will participate.


TOGAN is a Rotary Wing Spotter UAV System with unique flight control system and mission planning software designed to be used in tactical level reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence missions, which can be carried and used by a single soldier. It can operate jointly with other STM platforms through the flight control, mission planning and target detection systems developed by STM.

The system is capable of both optical and physical target tracking with up to 30x zoom through advanced Electro Optical and Infrared camera systems.

FNSS Shadow Horseman

The Shadow Horseman vehicle family, which prioritizes user safety, is a system solution that will alleviate the cognitive load of the soldier on the battlefield and become a force multiplier for the user in dangerous missions with its artificial intelligence supported autonomy kit, decision support systems, sensor sets, positional and situational awareness systems.

The Shadow Horseman family is equipped with the autonomy kit developed by FNSS. The autonomy kit, which has autonomous driving modes such as patrol, pursuit and return to base, has various layers of protection for a safe ride. FNSS autonomy kit is designed in open architecture to enable rapid adaptation of technological developments.

With the Shadow Horse vehicle family built on the M113 platform, remote command and autonomous capabilities have been brought to a reliable platform. The Shadow Horse vehicle family, which has a range of >450 km, is equipped with a diesel engine. Shadow Horseman, who can reach a speed of >50 km/h on a flat and asphalt road; It can move on 60% steep and 30% side slopes, cross 60 cm high obstacles and 160 cm long trenches. Shadow Horseman has a payload capacity of 4500 kg.

Source: defenceturk

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