Attention to Physical and Emotional Hunger Problems!

Attention to Physical and Emotional Hunger Problems!
Attention to Physical and Emotional Hunger Problems!

Life Counselor and Weight Loss Specialist Meltem Şarkışlalı gave information about the subject. Have you ever asked yourself this question? If you are eating in response to stress, boredom, anger, tension, fatigue, loneliness, depression, and anxiety, you are eating to fill the emotional void.

• I had an argument with my wife, I am very upset.

• Children do not listen to my words, I am tense.

• I'm bored. I should have a snack.

• I broke up with my girlfriend, if I eat the dessert in the fridge, it can make me happy.

Does it work if you drink water?

Maybe you forgot to feed your soul, maybe you don't love yourself, you feel uninterested? Do you feel worthless? Do you think you are not loved? Have you been cheated on? Is your soul hurt? Do you really love yourself? If you find yourself making these sentences. The most important question you should ask is 'Am I really hungry?'

We feel two types of hunger. Physical hunger and emotional hunger.

• In physical hunger, a feeling of hunger occurs gradually, but the feeling of emotional hunger appears suddenly.

• While experiencing a feeling of emotional hunger, an uncontrolled desire to eat comes.

• In physical hunger, the meal time can be delayed by being patient most of the time, and one can act voluntarily against hunger.

• But emotional hunger is much more difficult to resist.

• In emotional hunger, your desire to consume sweets and pastries increases. In physical hunger, you can make healthy, conscious choices.

• In emotional hunger, you eat even though you are not hungry. In physical hunger, there is a stomach rumbling and a feeling of hunger.

• You feel guilty after eating in emotional hunger. In physical hunger, there is no regret or guilt.


IF YOU ARE STRESSED; Instead of choosing to eat, take a deep breath and review the events. Meditate.

IF YOU ARE BORED; Think about the things that amuse you and put them into practice. Take a walk outdoors.

you are tense; Brew herbal tea or coffee and relax with soothing music.

IF YOU ARE ANGRY; turn to a sport where you can throw your energy away, do yoga to calm down.

YOU ARE SORRY; in your friends sohbet Come on, think of your good memories.

Repeat these words to quench your Emotional Hunger

• Today I give up my old habits and replace them with new and good ones.

• I choose to feed my feelings with love, not food.

• I remove the negative codes in my subconscious.

• I know how to live my daily life without overeating.

• I love myself and respect my body.

• I understand how it feels to be lighter on a daily basis.

• I know how to live my daily life without being disappointed about my weight.

• I understand the definition of losing weight.

• I know how to lose excess weight.

• That I have been allowed to do so by the Creator.

• I know this is possible and safe.

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