Energy Costs Are Increasing, What Should Industrial Facilities Do?

Energy Costs Are Increasing, What Should Industrial Facilities Do?
Energy Costs Are Increasing, What Should Industrial Facilities Do?

After the 48 percent increase in natural gas for industry, VAT Energy General Manager Altuğ Karataş explained the path that industrial facilities should follow.

VAT Energy General Manager Altuğ Karataş made statements on the subject; “The new energy-related costs have surprised everyone. Natural gas has increased by over 48 percent in the industry. The truth is that; From Europe to America, energy costs are increasing in the world. So what should we do? I think we need to focus on the answer to that question.” said.


Emphasizing the importance of having an energy study, Karataş said; “First of all, it doesn't matter whether you are above or below the energy audit requirement stipulated by the state, every industrial facility must do its energy audit work as soon as possible. It needs to identify important energy consumption points. However, it should reveal energy efficiency and energy saving points.

Especially among these projects, the waste heat projects have reached a very important point with the increase of more than 48 percent in natural gas. Waste heat projects come out with a return on investment of less than one year, according to some calculations we currently make. Therefore, you need to implement waste heat projects immediately.” said.


“The Ministry of Energy's VAP, voluntary agreements and even the 5th Region Investment Support and Incentives of the Ministry of Industry and Technology are available for all your investments in energy efficiency. You can receive a grant of 30 percent of your investment. For this, you can implement your projects in this way by examining the support and incentives as soon as possible.

With the ISO 50001 energy management and quality system, you need to manage your energy and create a sustainable energy policy. From which machine you will use in production, which boiler, which steam system, and which compressed air-related equipment you will use, you should implement these as soon as possible by creating a management model.

When you don't monitor your energy, you can't manage what you don't know you don't measure. Now, digital monitoring, measurement and management systems have gained one more level. Everyone should follow their energy with digital monitoring and management systems, control the performance of the efficiency projects they have implemented, and be prepared for the Green Deal by reducing energy costs and reducing carbon emissions.”

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