Ekol Overcomes Italy's Strike With New Train Lines

Ekol Overcomes Italy's Strike With New Train Lines
Ekol Overcomes Italy's Strike With New Train Lines

Ekol Logistics commissioned a new intermodal line to overcome the bottleneck in Trieste Port with the strike of public transport workers in Italy. Ekol has launched Europe's longest intermodal service for exporters between the cities of Sete and Calais in France.

Thanks to the new train line, the cities of Sete and Calais are connected to each other in approximately 16 hours, while transportation between Bettembourg (Luxembourg) and Sete takes between 12 and 14 hours. Within the scope of the service, flights from all directions are made once a week. Thanks to the RO-ROs integrated with the train lines in the most efficient way, the transit time between the ports of Calais and Yalova will be five days.

Ekol Turkey Country Manager Arzu Akyol Ekiz said that while they further strengthen their position in Europe with the train connections that have been activated, they stand by their customers in all difficult conditions with the flexible and integrated solutions they offer. We put our new intermodal line into service, saying, 'We need a new solution. With the availability of RO-ROs within a few hours following the continuation of the new train lines put into service in important locations in Europe, transit times have been shortened considerably. This will provide a great advantage to our customers, especially our exporters.” made its assessment.

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