Dr. Behçet Uz Recreation Area Safer with Emergency Button

Dr. Behçet Uz Recreation Area Safer with Emergency Button

Dr. Behçet Uz Recreation Area Safer with Emergency Button

Renovated and put into service by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Dr. An emergency button has been placed in the Behçet Uz Recreation Area. The system established to ensure security was highly appreciated by the citizens who benefited from the park. Thanks to the emergency button application, which is aimed to be spread throughout the city, citizens can reach the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality teams and request help when they encounter an extraordinary situation.

The 25 thousand square meter Dr., which was renovated and put into service by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality with an investment of 180 million liras. An emergency button has been placed in the Behçet Uz Recreation Area. Through the system designed to provide security, citizens who have health problems or who are faced with an extraordinary situation will be able to call for help by pressing the button if they need it. Those who use the emergency button, which is aimed to be expanded in the city, reach the municipal police unit of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. The application was also welcomed by the people of Izmir.

“Our aim is to spread it all over Izmir”

Providing information about the operation of the emergency button, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Information Processing Department Head Ahmet Ata Temiz said, “We have brought our women and children to the focal point of this system that we have established for the benefit of all our citizens. Our citizens in the park will reach law enforcement or the 112 Emergency Call Center in case of any security weakness, harassment, fall injury, etc. Our system is active 7 hours a day, 24 days a week and is managed by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Police Department. Currently only Dr. We will put the emergency button in the Behçet Uz Recreation Area into service in the Aşık Veysel Recreation Area, Hasanağa Garden and Kültürpark and spread it to the whole city in the future.”

“We are just a click away from our citizens”

Gökhan Daca, Head of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Police Department, also gave information on how to use the system. Daca said, “As Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, the first one within the scope of the Police Emergency Support Line Project was Dr. With the emergency button located in the Behçet Uz Recreation Area, we are as close as a button to our fellow citizens. In all emergencies, especially violence against women and children, we can contact our fellow citizens through a single button. Our Police Emergency Support Center can access the entire view of the area with 360-degree cameras located on the button. With the built-in camera system on the system, it can see our citizens and instantly detects all possible dangers up to 100 meters, thanks to the cameras equipped with artificial intelligence. Our Police Emergency Support Center instantly communicates with stakeholder institutions according to the subject of the urgent support request, and also ensures that our closest police teams are quickly transferred to the incident area.

“Very good app”

Adnan Turan, who said that he visited the park and liked it very much, said, "Well done to those who contributed. It's a beautiful place. It is both a very good breathing space for the people living in the surrounding area and a very nice place for the employees in Moda Tekstil Confectioners' Complex to take a walk during lunch. It's also a great place for kids. Dr. Being named after Behçet Uz is an extremely meaningful example of fidelity. I really liked the emergency button application. It is a correct application. It is especially important for women and children. There may be those who are inconvenienced, those who cannot reach the phone. It is an extremely important service in terms of violence and health," he said.

“Great privilege”

Emphasizing that there is a Moda Tekstil Confectioners (MTK) Site right next to the recreation area and that there are many female employees, Gül Ersoy said, “Our park has been opened. We would like to thank our Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for bringing such a park to this region. MTK Site is a site where many women work due to the fact that the textile sector is dominant. For this reason, it is a great privilege to offer such an area especially for us during lunch breaks or breaks. I say privilege now because women in our society cannot travel alone in desolate areas. Unfortunately, there may be some harassment and violence. We were relieved when we learned that the security would be on duty 24 hours a day. The emergency button is also a huge plus. This is a huge area. Incredible reassurance for someone who wants to hike alone. This way, we will be able to move around more easily.”

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