Impressive Beauty Is Possible With The Right Techniques

Impressive Beauty Is Possible With The Right Techniques
Impressive Beauty Is Possible With The Right Techniques

With the advancement of technology and the increase in the use of social media, the perception of beauty in women begins to change. People who want to have a beautiful appearance in a short time resort to non-surgical methods. In addition, with the Kovid-19 pandemic, those who work long hours in front of the screen began to see skin defects more clearly with the negative effect of light. As such, experts direct them to non-surgical procedures that support the natural appearance of the skin to correct imperfections. What should we do to prevent sagging? What Should Be Considered While Choosing Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenation Procedures? What is Hifu App? How Many Sessions Should Be Applied? Recovery Process in Non-Surgical Face Lift Treatment

Medical Esthetician Dr. Ayşegül Girgin and Dr. İsmail Metin Hoşer explains the non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedures in detail;

As we age, the amount of collagen in our skin decreases as it does in our body. As time passes, deep lines and sagging occur in the skin structure that loses its form. With the aging of the skin, people who care about their aesthetic beauty seek the solution in non-surgical procedures. In this context, Medical Esthetician Specialist Dr. Ayşegül Girgin said, “Starting regular skin rejuvenation treatments from the age of 30 is one of the most basic measures we can take to delay sagging. Energy-based applications such as focused ultrasound waves offered by developing technology and radio frequency waves that can be given under the skin are among the most frequently preferred skin care procedures. We get successful results especially in the Hifu process, which is a technique that renews the skin from the most surface to the deepest,'' he said.

What should we do to prevent sagging?

With aging, deformations occur in the skin. Many factors such as genetic structure, rapid weight loss, and sunlight are among the processes that accelerate sagging on the skin. Esthetician Dr. İsmail Metin Hoşer said, “Advancing age causes the volume of facial bones to decrease, the elasticity of the connective tissue to lose, and the sagging of the face with the effect of gravity. Starting regular skin resurfacing treatments from the age of 30 is important to delay sagging,'' he said.

Care should be taken when choosing Non-Surgical Skin Rejuvenation Procedures

Stating that in medical aesthetic applications, it is necessary to act according to the skin structure of the patient, Dr. Hoser said, “In addition to surgical methods for sagging face, jowl and neck area, there are many non-surgical methods from injectable products that strengthen tissues to ultrasound waves, from radio frequency waves that can be given under the skin with small needle tips to face suspension with a thread. When we choose the treatment method, we choose the most suitable application for the skin structure and problem of the person. We get successful results especially in Hifu and thread face lifting applications,'' he said.

Who Should and Shouldn't?

Underlining that serious sagging and the need for surgery are postponed until the age of 65 and above, thanks to the non-surgical methods applied to reduce the effects of skin aging. Ayşegül Girgin said, “Non-surgical methods are the treatment methods applied to all skin types where the skin structure is damaged, mild or severe sagging occurs.”

What is Hifu App? How Many Sessions Should Be Applied?

Dr. Girgin continued his words as follows, “Hifu therapy is a procedure performed by applying ultrasound waves to the skin. Only the subcutaneous tissue is very thin, it is a treatment that is not preferred very much in the skin structure we call atopic. In advanced sagging, we combine Hifu and thread face lift. With Hifu treatment, while tightening the skin and subcutaneous tissue, we also reduce the volume of adipose tissue. Waves given to 3 different depths reach 4,5-3 and 1,5 mm depths. The application is completed in 3 different sessions. While we start to see the results of the treatment within 1 month, we see the maximum result between 4-6 months. While its effect lasts between 1 year and 1,5 years; We see the results of thread face lifting right after the procedure. Such treatments can be applied not only to the face, but also to the sagging arm, inner leg and abdomen.

Recovery Process in Non-Surgical Face Lift Treatment

Stating that the effects of non-surgical skin resurfacing treatments applied in a short time and without the need for anesthesia are seen in a short time, Dr. İsmail Metin Hoşer said, “The Hifu technique, which is a non-surgical treatment procedure, does not cause any irritation on the skin surface. Only small skin fluctuations can be seen in thread face lifting procedures, which will last for 1 week. After both treatments, it is possible to return to daily life without being away from social life. These treatments are preferred by many people because they are short, effective and non-surgical.

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