Associate Professor İbrahim Aşkar: It is possible to stay young by doing these

Associate Professor İbrahim Aşkar: It is possible to stay young by doing these

Associate Professor İbrahim Aşkar: It is possible to stay young by doing these

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon Associate Professor İbrahim Aşkar gave information on the subject. Although aging is a natural process that occurs over time, signs of aging on the skin can be noticed within a day. When people wake up one day, they may notice signs of wear and aging, such as swelling under the eyes, wrinkles on the skin. The first sign of early skin aging is often wrinkles around the eyes. Rare signs of premature aging are sun and age spots. We get very good results with the latest technology such as vacuumed gold needle, and serums with strong antioxidant effects, such as premature skin aging, which is one of the most important aesthetic problems of today. Splendid application and antioxidant serums containing hyaluronic acid give effective results in early skin aging.

The changes that occur in the skin with aging can be summarized as follows;

Sunspots or age spots:These spots, which often appear after the age of 40, are more common on the face, hands, back and forearms. It is seen earlier in fair-skinned people.

Weight loss in hands:Since collagen fibers decrease with aging, the skin gets thinner, especially on the back of the hand, the veins become evident, spots occur and wrinkles dominate the skin.

Color and pigmentation increase in the chest decollete-:In this area, spots similar to sunspots and darker spots occur.

Increased sensitivity of the skin:Thinned skin becomes dry with dehydration, itching is felt with an inflammatory reaction.

Wrinkles, loss of elasticity and sagging:With the slowing of the metabolism, the loss of elasticity and firmness in the skin, which becomes more evident after the age of 30, especially around the eyes, as a result of thousands of daily work of the mimic muscles, crow's feet and sagging in and around the detention begin to be seen.

Thinning, thinning and shedding of hair:As the number of hair stem cells gradually decreases with aging, the hair begins to thin or fall out. In addition, the genetic structure of the person, stress, hormonal changes, dietary habits can be effective in thinning and shedding of hair.

Associate Professor. İbrahim Aşkar said, “The first recommended skin care is to prevent or treat the effects of aging on the skin. After it is clarified that there are no other health problems such as skin cancer or other health problems under the control of a specialist doctor for age spots, protection from the sun should be the first priority, and treatment protocols containing the necessary vitamin C, alpha hydroxy acid, etc. mixtures are applied for the spots. Use factor 50 sunscreen as sunscreen and reapply every two hours. Moisturizing the hands and maintaining moisture is very important. At the same time, the use of gloves should be recommended when working to protect hands from chemicals in daily work. The chest décolleté should be protected from the sun, moisturized at regular intervals, and ointments with vitamin C and retinoic acid should be used to strengthen the skin. It should be evaluated by a dermatologist for dryness and itching on the skin. If there is no skin disease, it is recommended to moisturize the skin and consume plenty of fluids. In order to prevent wrinkles and sagging on the skin, it is recommended to quit smoking and alcohol consumption. It is also recommended to consume plenty of fluids, moisturize the skin, and use ointments with green tea extract, vitamins A and C, retinoids and antioxidants. Botox and dermal fillers can also be applied to areas with regional wrinkles and sagging. It is recommended to reduce mimic movements that cause wrinkles. Stress-reducing activities, deep breathing exercises, yoga and meditation are extremely beneficial. Shampoo, creams and lotions, vitamins and food supplements are recommended for thinning and thinning hair. In order to strengthen the hair, foods rich in vitamins A, C and E such as eggs, spinach, salmon, green tea, avocado, pomegranate, hazelnut should be consumed.

Associate Professor. İbrahim Aşkar said, “Today, many technologies have been developed to obtain a more vibrant, younger and brighter skin against aging of the skin. Laser applications, fractional RF (gold needle) are among the most preferred methods. Compared to fractional RF laser applications, it has been preferred because it has a deeper effect, is a simpler application, and allows patients to apply the recommendations more easily after the application. With fractional RF, it can be easily processed directly under the skin without causing any damage to the skin compared to laser. Again, compared to the laser, its pain and pain are noticeably less than other advantages. With Fractional RF, a younger, more vibrant, brighter skin can be obtained, as it also corrects the pore opening, fine wrinkles, loss of elasticity, acne and scars on the skin. It should be noted that before the application, it is important to clean the skin from dead tissue and black spots in the pores. Therefore, hydrafacial or similar skin care before applying fractional RF makes the application more effective. With Splendid application, radiofrequency energy is applied to different depths of the skin with varying intensity and duration. In this way, collagen and elastin production is triggered. It is a technology that can go deeper than normally known gold needle applications.”

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