Dereçavuş Yunuseli Connection Road Opened to Service

Dereçavuş Yunuseli Connection Road Opened to Service
Dereçavuş Yunuseli Connection Road Opened to Service

The Metropolitan Municipality completed the works on the Dereçavuş-Yunuseli Connection Road, which will ease transportation in the Yunuseli region, where there is intense housing, and opened it to service.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its works at full speed for the solution of the traffic problem that Bursa is most talked about, carries out alternative road works at important points of the city for the comfortable and convenient transportation of the citizens. The Metropolitan Municipality, which took over the Yunuseli region, where housing is intensely experienced, started the works on the road that turns to Armutköy from the connection bridge located near the Şükrü Şankaya Anatolian High School on the German Channel in the past months. The Metropolitan Municipality, which completed the work rapidly with the intense efforts of the teams, opened the Dereçavuş-Yunuseli Connection Road to the service of Bursa residents. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş examined the latest situation on the connection road opened for service on site. President Alinur Aktaş, who received information from the authorities, said that the alternative road opened will give the region a breath of fresh air.

"Stay tuned"

Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, who said that the works on the Yunuseli-Dereçavuş connection road have been completed, said that the transportation investments for Bursa, which is developing and growing rapidly, are in public transportation and rail systems. He stated that it continues rapidly at bridged intersections and connection roads. Expressing that the optimization studies, which cost 140 million TL, were completed and the time interval was reduced to 2 minutes during the busy hours, President Alinur Aktaş said that there was a 33 percent growth in the bus fleet and 75 percent were renewed. Expressing that the work continues for the integration of the T1 line with the T2, Mayor Aktaş stated that the work continues on the Emek City Hospital line. Explaining that intersection, smart junction, road and connection works are also continuing, Mayor Aktaş said, “We do not slow down in expropriations. Our work continues at Acemler Junction. Finally, we implemented one of the projects that will relieve the concentrated Yunuseli region. It connects Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Boulevard and Fuat Kuşçuoğlu Street to Bursa Ring Road and Bursa Intercity Bus Terminal. The connection road provides alternative transportation for residential areas located between Mudanya district and Bursa Intercity Bus Terminal. Our road is 8 meters wide and 3400 meters long. It cost about 3 million 400 thousand. good luck. The metropolitan continues to invest in transportation. Keep watching us," he said.

President Alinur Aktaş made the first drive on the connection road by getting behind the wheel of the car.

Günceleme: 20/11/2021 14:05

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