Detergent Market Supported Cleaning in Covid19!

Covidda Detergent Market Supported Cleaning
Covidda Detergent Market Supported Cleaning

We have seen that cleaning products are very important during the epidemic period. In this area anakim Kimya A.Ş produced special cleaning products that will defeat Covid-19, especially by making new studies for their own brands. There are retail and online sales areas for cleaning products that fight bacteria and viruses.

Anakim Brand Disinfectant Produced for Covid 19!

As an R&D service, especially in these days when we need hygiene and cleaning the most. Detergent Market added the best products for cleaning to its extensive catalog. Making new breakthroughs in cologne and disinfectant production, it continued to include the best options for its brand.

Aiming to send hygiene all over Turkey, the brand pays particular attention to offering quality and effective products without compromising the potential of its company. The chemistry company, which has been serving since 2002, makes its old and new customers happy by offering new products in the field of detergent and personal hygiene.

It Has Proved It Is A 100% Reliable Brand!

Detergent manufacturer Anakim, which has been working rapidly since 2002, continues to take its place in the market especially with auto care, carpet shampoo, disinfectant and personal hygiene products. It brings together the best products in its online area and chain store, by presenting the best products with the easiest marketing strategies, on the address It continues to take firm steps towards becoming a big brand where you can find many cleaning products from your car to your personal care.

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