Corendon Airlines Takes Off in 2022

Corendon Airlines Takes Off in 2022

Corendon Airlines Takes Off in 2022

Corendon Airlines, while announcing its destination and flight plans to be presented to European markets in the summer of 2022, signaled that it will increase its capacity accordingly.

Based on the 2021-2022 Winter reservation flow and the early booking rates for the summer period, Corendon Airlines predicts that demand will be high in the 2022 Summer season. Corendon Airlines, which will operate with more than 2022 aircraft in the 50 Summer season, will offer a total of 10 million seats to European markets.

“We are the airline with the most flights from airports in Germany”

Corendon Airlines Commercial Director Mine Aslan evaluated this capacity increase on the basis of markets. Aslan said, “First of all, to talk about our main market, Germany, we are increasing our supply in this market and supplying 2022 million seats to the market, both ethnic and touristic, in the 10 Summer season.” he said. Aslan added that Corendon Airlines is currently the airline with the highest number of airport flights in Germany and that this is a very important factor offered to the customer in terms of product diversity, and said, “The intensive operation they will carry out in Germany in the summer of 2022 is in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Münster, Hannover and Nuremberg. In addition to the planes we have located in Turkey, we will support it with our planes in destinations such as Greece, Turkey and Egypt.” said. On the other hand, Mine Aslan stated that they will offer more direct flights to the ethnic population in Germany and German-speaking countries with the planes they are stationed in 6 cities of Turkey, and this winter season, Morokko, another ethnic market, will take direct flights from Dusseldorf, Cologne, Rotterdam and Brussels. He gave the good news that the flights will continue throughout the summer.

“Expectation from the UK market is very high”

Stating that they clearly measured how much the British passenger, who could not take a vacation for the last 2 years, misses the holiday from the early booking request, Mine Aslan explained that they will transport the British tourist to Crete, Rhodes, Antalya, Bodrum and Dalaman in the summer of 2022, with the launch of another plane to be positioned in Dalaman. .

Underlining once again the moves they will make in the Danish market, which they announced in the past days, Aslan said, “One of the markets we are ambitious for next summer will be Denmark with the 3 planes we will position. We offer Danes a wide range of products from Copenhagen and Billund to classical Mediterranean destinations such as Antalya, Bodrum, Izmir, Crete, Kos, Rhodes, Mallorca, Ibiza, as well as Gran Canary and Tenerife.” said.

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