Children learn their rights practically

Children learn their rights practically

Children learn their rights practically

Children who are members of the Child Rights Committees operating under the Ministry of Family and Social Services both learn in social life and teach their peers their rights in the Convention on the Rights of the Child by participating in activities organized in many fields.

Child Rights Committees formed in 81 provinces under the General Directorate of Child Services participate in social life with colorful activities. A total of 880 children, 29.344 of whom are disabled, are members of the committees and have a pleasant time while learning about their rights in social life.

Provincial Child Rights Committees, which were established with the aim of learning and implementing the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child by all segments of the society, and ensuring the participation of children in the decision-making processes that concern them, carry out many activities to raise awareness. The work creates an environment for children to participate in public life as well as family and community life. Thus, it is aimed that children are also active in decision-making processes at all levels.

Children's Rights Committees, which organize social responsibility, education, publicity and awareness, cultural and sports activities, also organize events on special days and weeks such as April 23 National Sovereignty and Children's Day, Red Crescent Week, International Day of the Girl Child, Forest Week, World Environment Day, Week of the Disabled. is planned.

In addition, studies are carried out to create “child-friendly” areas such as Child Friendly Minibus, Child Rights Forest, Play Street, Fairy Tale Reading and Listening Corner, Child Friendly National Park, Child Rights Library.

Children participate in activities related to “social responsibility” such as visits to elderly and disabled individuals, trips to animal shelters, planting saplings and aid.

They both have fun and learn with colorful activities.

Children who are members of the committees tried to raise awareness in their environment with the activities they participated in.

While Kırklareli Children's Rights Committee published "Children's Rights Newspaper", Adıyaman Children's Rights Committee members presented stationery materials to children at schools in disadvantaged regions of the province.

Kahramanmaraş Children's Rights Committee, in cooperation with the Red Crescent, distributed bread to those in need within the scope of the “Giving Hand is Better than the Receiver” project.

Diyarbakir Children's Rights Committee members visited the village school and planted saplings within the scope of the social responsibility project.

Yozgat Children's Rights Committee members brought food to animal shelters.

Children who are members of the Çankırı Children's Rights Committee visited a nursing home and met with the elderly.

Members of the Zonguldak Children's Rights Committee visited their disabled peers at their homes and made them happy with gifts.

Çankırı Children's Rights Committee members explained the importance of blood donation in the Red Crescent Blood Donation vehicle and called on the citizens.

Members of the Elazig Children's Rights Committee visited baby Yüsra and her mother, who were injured in the earthquake, and brought supplies and gifts.

Children's Rights Stations were built in Mersin and Ardahan. Children's rights were pointed out with billboards placed at certain points of the city and posters hung at bus stops.

“Child-friendly” areas

Child-friendly minibus, children's committee rooms, children's rights rooms, playground, children's rights workshop and playrooms, fairy tale reading and listening corner, nature living and camping area, children's rights library, child-friendly music within the scope of “Activities to Create Child-Friendly Spaces” activities such as the creation of a chamber were carried out.

During the Environmental Protection Week in Bayburt, a playground was created, a picnic was held and traditional games were played. Bayburt Children's Rights Committee also created a "waterfall" out of waste as part of the "Zero Waste" project.

While the Children's Rights Committee Room and Library were established in Ardahan, the Music Room was put into service in order to enable children to be intertwined with art in Artvin.

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