For the First Time in Bulgarian History, a Party Leader, Turkish Presidential Candidate

For the First Time in Bulgarian History, a Party Leader, Turkish Presidential Candidate
For the First Time in Bulgarian History, a Party Leader, Turkish Presidential Candidate

For the first time in the elections to be held this Sunday in Bulgaria, a Turkish candidate who is the leader of the party will compete for the Presidency. Mustafa Karadayı will fight as the candidate of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms.

Balkan associations in Turkey mobilized for Turkish citizens of Bulgaria to vote. It is expected that more than 126 thousand compatriots will vote in the Bulgarian Presidential elections in 60 ballot boxes to be established throughout Turkey. Many Turkish citizens are expected to go to Bulgaria due to the closure of schools.

A First in Bulgarian History

Bulgaria focused on Sunday's Presidential elections. In these elections, both the parliament and the new President will be elected, for the first time a Turk will participate in the elections as a Presidential Candidate as a party leader. The last time in the history of Bulgaria was 10 years ago, a Turk named Şaban Sali was a stand-alone candidate and received 41 thousand votes in the elections that year without the support of any political party. In the elections to be held on Sunday, Mustafa Karadayı will run as the Presidential candidate of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (HÖH) party. In Bulgaria, which will see elections for the third time this year, 3 million 6 thousand 668 out of 540 million 2 thousand 731 registered voters voted in the last elections in July. The low turnout of 225 percent once again revealed the Turkish candidate's chance if the dual citizen compatriots went to the polls completely in the elections to be held on Sunday.

Election Excitement in Turkey

Election excitement is also reflected in Turkey. There are approximately 350 thousand 'dual citizens' in Turkey who have the right to vote in these elections. More than 126 thousand dual citizens are expected to vote in 60 ballot boxes opened this year across Turkey. In Turkey, as of 14:07.00 on Sunday, 21.00 November, headquarters are in Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Aydın, Balıkesir, Bilecik, Bursa, Çanakkale, Edirne, Eskişehir, İstanbul, İzmir, Kırklareli, Kocaeli, Manisa, Mersin, Sakarya, Tekirdağ and Yalova. and ballot boxes will be set up at more than one point in the districts. Voting will continue until XNUMX:XNUMX. Only an identity document can be used to vote, the driver's license will not be valid. Those whose names are not on the voter list will also be able to vote by presenting their identity documents. Those who do not register will be able to vote by filling out a petition even at the ballot box on Sunday.

The Most Ballots Are in Bursa

19 of the 126 ballot boxes established in 30 provinces across Turkey are in Bursa. It is expected that between 25 and 30 thousand votes will be cast in Bursa, where the highest number of dual citizens reside. According to the number of ballot boxes, Istanbul ranks second with 27 ballot boxes, Tekirdağ ranks third with 18 ballot boxes, and İzmir ranks fourth with 12 ballot boxes. These provinces are followed by Kocaeli with 8 ballot boxes, Kırklareli with 7 ballot boxes, Yalova, Edirne, Manisa, Ankara with 3 ballots, Balıkesir, Çanakkale, Eskişehir with 2 ballots each, and Sakarya, Antalya, Adana, Aydın and Bilecik with 1 ballot box each.

In Bursa and its districts, ballot boxes are located at the following schools: “Nilüfer district: Görükle/Ali Durmaz Secondary School, Görükle/Hazinedaroğlu Özkan Primary School, Karaman/Cavit Çağlar Secondary School, Minareliçavuş/Alara Secondary School, Üçevler/Abdurrahman Vardar Primary School, Yüzüncü Yıl/Meral-Muammer Ağım Secondary School

Osmangazi district: Altinova/Dr. Ayten Bozkaya Primary School, Bağlarbaşı/İnönü Secondary School, Demirtaş/Gevher Sönmez Primary School, Demirtaş/Üftade İmam Hatip Secondary School, Hürriyet/Bulgaria Consulate, İstiklal/Martyr Maintenance Corporal Tolga Taşdan Primary School, Ovakça/Tarık Şara Anatolian High School, Yenibağlar/Ali Hadi Türkay Primary School, Yunuseli/Sahin Yilmaz Primary School

Yıldırım district: Duaçınarı/Mumin Gençoğlu 2 Primary School, Demetevler/Martyr Ufuk Bülent Yavuz Primary School, Ertuğrulgazi/Ali Rıza Bey Primary School, Millet/Mehmet Akif İnan Imam Hatip High School, Yeşilyayla/Yeşilyayla Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Yunusemre/Kaşgarlı Mahmut Anatolian High School

Kestel/Yenimahalle Primary School, İnegöl/Akhisar Primary School, Yenice/Perihan Coşkun Primary School, Orhangazi/Tuna Primary School, Mustafakemalpaşa/Nilüfer Hatun Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Karacabey/Sehit Bahadır Tayfur Primary School”

The ballot boxes in Istanbul and its districts will be established in the following schools: “Adalar/Buyukada Library, Arnavutköy/Orfi Çetinkaya Secondary School, Haraççı/Mehmet Zeki Obdan Primary School, Avcılar/Avcılar Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Bağcılar/Güneşli Secondary School, Bahçelievler/Kudret Saraçoğlu Imam Hatip Secondary School, Başakşehir/Prof.Dr. Ahad Andican Secondary School, Bayrampaşa/Martyr Ambassador İsmail Erez Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Beşiktaş/Bulgaria Consulate General, Beylikdüzü/İMKB Secondary School, Büyükçekmece/Serdar Adıgüzel Secondary School, Çatalca/Ferhatpaşa Primary School, Esenyurt/Nüzhet Usta Primary School, Örnek/Yunusemre İmam Hatip Secondary School, Bayrampasa/75. Yıl Yeşilpınar Primary School, Gaziosmanpaşa/Kadri Yörükoğlu Vocational and Technical Anatolian Imam Hatip High School, Keğıthane/Fındıklı Primary School, Kartal/Teacher Salih Nafiz Tuzun Primary School and Hasanpaşa Primary School, Küçükçekmece/Maresal Fevzi Çakmak Secondary School, Pendik/75th Year Mesut Yılmaz Primary School, Silivri/ Ertuğrulgazi Primary School, Sultanbeyli/Martyr Vahit Kaşçıoğlu Imam Hatip Secondary School, Sultangazi/Sultançiftliği Primary School, Zeytinburnu/Celalettin Gözusulu Primary School”

Citizens in İzmir and its Districts Will Vote in the Following Occassions: “Aliağa/Atatürk Primary School, Bornova/Batıçim Primary School and Gülsefa Kapancıoğlu Anatolian High School, Buca/Sehit Ömer Sarı Primary School, Gaziemir/Adnan Menderes Primary School, Menderes Gazipaşa/Gazi Primary School, Görece/Mustafa Kemal Primary School, Urla/Esrar Koman Sümen Private Education Practice School”

"Everybody Go to the Ballot, One Vote is One Vote"

Balkan associations in Turkey mobilized for Turkish citizens of Bulgaria to vote. Stating that those who do not register can vote by filling out a petition even at the ballot box on Sunday, Honorary President of BAL-GÖÇ BGF Federation and BRTK Confederation Turhan Gençoğlu said, “This Sunday, there is a very important election in Bulgaria for the future of us, our children and our brothers there. These brothers, who have always been an exemplary Bulgarian citizen during their time in Bulgaria, were unfortunately forced out of their lands during the assimilation, which went down in history as a black mark, and were subjected to forced migration. Therefore, they should have the right to elect and be elected of their own free will, without encountering any pressure or obstacles, both in Bulgaria and in the countries they live in. They tried to assimilate us with weapons, they failed! They tried to assimilate economically, they failed! Now they are trying to assimilate politically. But they will not succeed! We are flesh and nails, half living there, half living here. All of us, acting as a whole, without division, should consider it our duty to ensure participation in these elections.

It is a day of unity and togetherness. We need to integrate by forgetting the resentments of the past and re-establish unity as in the old days.

With the understanding that one vote is one vote, we should all strive to maximize turnout on Sunday. Participation in these elections is extremely important. In this way, we must reach the majority of votes that will carry our brothers there as the major partner of the coalition in these elections, as in the past. Many problems, including social rights, can be solved much more easily when we can become partners with the administrations.

We went through a lot of trouble, but we also accomplished great things. Hopefully together we will achieve this. Let's support our kinsmen, neighbors, relatives and friends in Bulgaria, which is the heirloom of our ancestors, with our votes.”

Who is Mustafa Karadayi?

Mustafa Karadayı (51), Chairman of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms, graduated from the International University of Economics in Sofia. He has been involved in political activities since his university years. He was the head of the youth branches of his party between 1998-2003. He worked at the Bulgarian Privatization Agency for a while. In 2010, he became the general secretary responsible for the organization of the party. He was elected as a member of parliament in 2013. In 2016, he became the leader of the party.

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