BİYOTEKSAN's Native Under-Cloud Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UÇBEY Debuted

BİYOTEKSAN's Native Under-Cloud Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UÇBEY Debuted

BİYOTEKSAN's Native Under-Cloud Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UÇBEY Debuted

BIOTEKSAN, a subsidiary of POLSAN and HAVELSAN; stands out with its domestic and national biometric technologies and national and corporate products and solutions. In addition to these activities, BİYOTEKSAN also started its activities in this field in order to find solutions to the increasing needs and interest of both the public and private sectors for unmanned aerial vehicles in the under-Cloud class. BİYOTEKSAN, which was developed by the General Directorate of Security and brought BİHA to the mass production stage in a very short time with its knowledge and capabilities, exhibited its under-cloud unmanned aerial vehicle (BİHA) named UÇBEY for the first time at TEKNOFEST 2021.

Continuing its efforts primarily to meet Turkey's domestic needs, BİYOTEKSAN also continues its efforts to contribute to national capital by exporting its solutions in the international market.

The two terrorists, who were neutralized on October 23 in the rural area of ​​the Artuklu district of Mardin, were neutralized by the "UCBEY" BIHA, after instant aerial image transfer to the ground elements.

Developed for the needs of law enforcement, the UÇBEY cloud-based unmanned aerial vehicle (BIHA) can be used flexibly with its vertical take-off (VTOL) feature. Having a wingspan of 3,5 meters and a take-off weight of 22 kg, UÇBEY BIHA ​​can be used in reconnaissance and surveillance missions with the ISR gimbal system it carries. It can stay in the air for 3 hours with electric motors.

Serial production of UÇBEY BİHA, which was developed by the General Directorate of Security, was started in a very short time. The system, which is completely electric and powered by a domestic battery, was developed with a high domesticity rate. Significant progress has also been made for the export of the system, which has users in both the public and private sectors. The system, which received requests from abroad, was developed to be used by the navy as well as local police forces and military units. Likewise, the system was previously tested to land and take off from the ship, and the tests were completed successfully.

The lack of a BIHA ​​capable of vertical landing and take-off (VTOL) that can be used in naval systems has been a topic that has been mentioned in various media for a long time and there is a serious need in the world. Developed by BIOTEKSAN, UÇBEY not only makes up for an important deficiency with this capability, but also provides a significant advantage compared to its competitors with this capability.


Although BIHAs draw attention specifically with “special operations” today, they are also seen in different areas of use. In addition, it is thought that with various technological developments in the future, they will take on more multi-role structures compared to today.

Especially with their cost effectiveness, BİHAs can serve in many different roles with their flexible use. There is increasing interest in systems with a wide mission profile, from disaster areas to fire support team roles for artillery. Therefore, these products have the potential to be an important export item as well as meeting local security needs.

The development of products in this category enables countries such as Turkey to perform the role of aerial reconnaissance and surveillance more widely, with more affordable costs.

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