Forcing the Body to Sleep Feels Frustrated

Forcing the Body to Sleep Feels Frustrated
Forcing the Body to Sleep Feels Frustrated

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Neurology Specialist Prof. Dr. Barış Metin touched upon the behaviors to be avoided for quality sleep and shared his recommendations.

Many people complain of not getting quality sleep, not getting enough sleep, and waking up tired. Emphasizing that staying awake until late makes it difficult to fall asleep early the next day, experts state that this situation, which occurs especially on weekends, causes Monday syndrome. Experts; He recommends that the body not be forced to sleep because it makes you feel nervous, and that you do not use cigarettes and alcohol before sleep because it negatively affects them.

Sleep disorder causes Monday syndrome

Stating that many people complain about not getting quality sleep, not getting enough sleep and waking up tired, Prof. Dr. Barış Metin said, “We often recommend patients with such complaints to consult a physician. However, it is also possible to improve sleep quality by paying attention to some simple rules that can be applied at home. One of these rules is to balance regular sleep and wake times. In other words, it is important for a quality sleep that the transition to sleep and the time of waking up from sleep do not make a serious difference from day to day. Many patients report that some days they go to sleep too early and some days they sleep too late. Staying up late makes it difficult to fall asleep early the next day. This is a situation we encounter especially on weekends, and it paves the way for the situation we call Monday syndrome.” said.

Smoking in the evening delays sleep

Expressing that another phenomenon that causes sleep disorders is napping while watching television until late at night, Prof. Dr. Barış Metin said, “Usually, it is not recommended to sleep in the form of naps and naps in the evening. During the day, half-hour siestas at noon can be healthy. Another suggestion that can be made for a quality sleep would be to stay away from various substances and foods that disrupt sleep. One of them is cigarettes. Smoking, especially in the evening hours, can delay the onset of sleep by having a stimulating effect. Since many people are smokers, they may want to smoke before going to sleep or waking up from sleep. Therefore, it is beneficial to stay away from smoking to a great extent for a quality sleep.” he said.

Alcohol should not be consumed to sleep

Noting that beverages containing caffeine such as tea and coffee are also effective in sleep disorders, Prof. Dr. Barış Metin said, “For this reason, we recommend not to consume beverages containing caffeine such as tea and coffee after dinner. Alcohol has many harmful effects, but one of the most harmful effects is that it delays the onset of sleep. There are many patients who drink alcohol to sleep. This is extremely dangerous and wrong. Although alcohol makes it easier to sleep a little, the person can wake up when the effect of alcohol wears off, and the sleep thanks to alcohol is usually not restful. It causes waking up with a headache and tiredness the next day. Therefore, we recommend that patients who cannot get a good night's sleep should avoid alcohol and seek support from a specialist if they are addicted to alcohol. used the phrases.

Go to bed when the body feels sleepy

prof. Dr. Barış Metin shared not worrying about sleep as the third suggestion for quality sleep and concluded his words as follows:

“Sleep is something that runs away when chased. In other words, the more effort is made to sleep, the further away the sleep is from the person. Sleep should come by itself. We can say that another wrong behavior of patients with sleep problems is that they wait for their sleep to come at the time they want after going to bed. They force their bodies to stay in bed until they fall asleep. When the body feels sleepy, go to bed. Because when the body is forced to sleep, the state of sleep disappears and the person may feel more tired, nervous and tense. Normally, when an individual goes to bed, they can fall asleep within half an hour. If the person cannot sleep, he has to get out of bed and do another job. After some distraction, you can go back to bed. When you can't sleep in bed, looking at the phone, tablet or watching TV in bed is not good for sleep health. If possible, these should be done in another room. Because these activities are very effective in losing sleep.”

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