DataMatrix Survey Period Started in the Capital

DataMatrix Survey Period Started in the Capital

DataMatrix Survey Period Started in the Capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality added a new one to its work with the understanding of transparency and participation. In order to make transportation more comfortable and safe in the capital and to make green areas cleaner, the “Matrix Code Survey” application was implemented. Citizens will be able to send their expectations, demands and complaints in the city they live in by taking a survey by reading the data matrix placed in public transportation vehicles, rail systems and parks.

In order to participate in the survey, the Başkent Mobile application must be downloaded to smart mobile phones.

In line with its understanding of transparency and participation, the Metropolitan Municipality continues to undertake works that will make the citizens of the Capital have a say in the city management.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which applied to the opinions of the citizens on the cleaning and protection of green areas, especially on the more comfortable and safe transportation in the capital, implemented the "Matrix Code Survey" application.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which closely follows technological developments and brings smart city applications together with the Capital, has placed data matrix in public transportation vehicles, rail systems and recreation areas belonging to the EGO General Directorate.

Citizens who download the Başkent Mobil application to their smart mobile phones will be able to participate in the survey by clicking the "Matrix Data Survey" button. Citizens participating in the survey, which includes many titles from the attitudes and behaviors of the drivers to the cleanliness of the buses, from comfort and safety to the cleanliness of the parks, will be asked to rate these titles between 1 and 5.


EGO General Directorate Bus Operations Department 4 Regional Operations Branch Manager Süleyman Çakır shared the following information:

“We started the survey, which includes data matrix and defined on the license plate, in the Başkent Mobil application, with the guidance of our President, Mr. Mansur Yavaş. We can access this application by clicking the QR code survey button on Başkent Mobile. In this application, besides our drivers, there are topics related to cleanliness, comfort, safety, heating and cooling of the vehicle. Our passengers can submit their opinions, requests and complaints by participating in this survey. With this survey, it is aimed to travel in a better, more efficient, more comfortable, healthier and safer environment as soon as possible in line with the data from our citizens.

Expressing that the application has just started, İlyas Kahraman, one of the bus drivers working in the EGO 4 Region, also expressed his thoughts, “It was a very good application. Today, it has been a very good practice to see the criticism made for our driver friends for our buses by using technology. I wish good luck to our citizens," he said.


Citizens who participated in the data matrix survey organized to increase the quality of sustainable services thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for giving importance to their opinions with the following words:

-Sanem Buser: “I came from Istanbul. I think it's a very good idea. Because while getting on the bus, we sometimes have problems with the driver in traffic. It has been a very nice, practical and technological application for us to give feedback. I also liked that it was done using QR code.”

-Vedat Suits: “As we use public transportation vehicles, cleanliness, safety and the driver's approach are important to us. It was appropriate for us to express our opinion on these. We thank you."

-Naz Gulen: “Especially in this epidemic period, it has been a successful application in cleaning. It's a nice app for us to report the cleaning status of the buses.”

-Tanem Rookie: “Cleaning is a very sensitive issue during the epidemic. It is very nice that we can report any problems, not just about cleaning.”

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