Minister Muş Attended Turkey-United Arab Emirates Business Forum and KEK Meeting

Minister Muş Attended Turkey-United Arab Emirates Business Forum and KEK Meeting
Minister Muş Attended Turkey-United Arab Emirates Business Forum and KEK Meeting

Minister of Commerce Mehmet Muş stated that it is in the interests of both countries to deepen the commercial and economic relations between Turkey and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and said, “The development of cooperation between Turkey and the UAE, while setting an example for other countries in the region, also contributes to regional stability. I think it is valuable in terms of being able to encourage it.” said. Muş attended the Turkey-UAE Business Forum organized by the Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEIK) in Dubai.

Speaking at the opening of the meeting, Muş said that the business forums enabled the business worlds of the two countries to get closer, to learn about each other's fields of activity and to develop new collaborations. Muş said, “I fully believe that this event will open a new page in our relations and take the positive dialogue between us one step further. I have no doubt that we will achieve good results when the strong will of cooperation of the two countries and the determined work of our business people come together.” he said.

Noting that there is a very aesthetic architecture in the UAE, Muş stated that the share of Turkish companies in this aesthetic architecture and their contribution to the subway and many large housing projects make the country proud. Muş stated that, in addition to the "Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030", programs such as Dubai Industrial Strategy and Dubai XNUMXD Printer Strategy reflect the broad vision of the UAE today.

Emphasizing that Turkey has made great progress in every field in the last 20 years, Muş said, “Because in 2020, we became the second country with the highest growth rate among the G20 countries. Turkey is an exemplary model in the region with its qualified workforce, strategic geographical location, integration with major markets, especially the EU, deep-rooted democracy culture and transparent management structure. It is in the interests of both countries that Turkey and the UAE, which have significant potential in the region, deepen their commercial and economic relations in many ways. Considering Dubai's re-export capacity, it is obvious and necessary that our bilateral trade can be moved to higher levels.” used the phrases.

Pointing out that the statesmen and business worlds of the two countries came together on three different occasions, Muş made the following assessment:

“I believe that each of these events will reveal important opportunities for the cooperation of the parties, and I hope that these opportunities will be utilized in the best way possible. In addition, I think that the development of cooperation between Turkey and the UAE is valuable in that it can set an example for other countries in the region and promote regional stability at the same time. In 2020, the trade volume between Turkey and the UAE increased despite the pandemic conditions and reached 8,4 billion dollars. This year, 10-month data shows that the positive trend in our bilateral trade continues. Our goal is to recapture the 2017 level of 15 billion dollars in the first stage and to leave this point behind in a short time.”

“We continue to provide a safe business environment for investors”

Noting that the total amount of investment from the UAE to Turkey since 2002 reached $2020 billion by the end of 4,8, Muş noted that while almost 550 companies with UAE capital are operating in Turkey today, they want to increase these figures to much higher levels in the future. . Muş said, “We invite you, the business people from the United Arab Emirates, to invest more in our country, which has an exceptional place both in our region and in the world with its investment opportunities and potential for many different sectors.” said.

Minister Muş stated that 12,6 projects worth 141 billion dollars have been undertaken by Turkish contracting companies in the UAE so far, and said, “I hope our companies will do much greater work here in the coming period. In addition to foreign trade, we continue to provide a safe business environment for international investors due to our current investor-friendly policies. Moreover, our government has mobilized a comprehensive set of economic policies based on stability, discipline and transformation.” he said.

“Turkey has become an investment base”

Stating that while Turkey takes the necessary measures to combat the epidemic quickly, Muş noted that the private sector continues to produce with great devotion.

“As a result of this, our country has come to the fore as an alternative to the Asia-Pacific geography, despite the breaks in the supply chains, and has become a favorite investment base for many companies on a global scale. I would like to express with pleasure that Turkey is riveting and strengthening its position as a strong supplier in world trade today. With its advanced industrial infrastructure and experience, qualified human resources and the advantage of its geographical location, Turkey is a global production and export base. With the efforts and determination of our business people, Turkey's exports are on target to reach 220 billion dollars at the end of the year.”

Emphasizing that as Turkey, they want to have a constructive dialogue with the UAE on commercial and economic issues, Muş said that these meetings are also reflections of the aforementioned will.

 “We would like to participate in UAE projects”

After the business forum, Minister Muş attended the Joint Economic Commission (KEK) meeting with Thani Ahmed Al Zeyoudi, UAE Minister of State for Foreign Trade.

In his speech here, Muş said that the representatives of the two countries held productive meetings within the scope of the JEC, and that the problems encountered in trade as well as the bilateral trade relations were discussed and the measures that should be put into practice to solve these problems were discussed. Noting that a forward-looking roadmap has emerged in this sense, Muş said, “In these meetings, cooperation issues in industry, energy, transportation, health, civil aviation, SMEs, science and technology, agriculture and tourism were also discussed. All aspects of our bilateral relations have been discussed.” used the phrases.

Noting that these meetings provide the opportunity to discuss the cooperation between countries in more depth, Muş continued as follows:

“It is very important that we are in constant consultation. Cooperation between our countries will open new horizons for both our regions and our countries. Close cooperation of state authorities will also encourage our business people to do business together. We think that our country can bring its experience, especially in the field of contracting, to UAE projects. In this sense, we would like to participate and contribute to UAE projects.”

After the meeting, the KEK Protocol was signed.

Minister Muş also met with Minister of Economy Abdullah bin Touq Al Marri, as well as UAE Minister Al Zeyoudi.

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