S-400 Air Defense System Statement by Minister Akar

S-400 Air Defense System Statement by Minister Akar

S-400 Air Defense System Statement by Minister Akar

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar answered the questions of the deputies at the Planning and Budget Committee of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, at the meetings of the Ministry of National Defense's 2022 Budget.

Minister Akar said that there were various questions about the S-400, and that the S-400 is a defense system and that it cannot be criticized by the USA or others. Stating that the procurement works for the long-range area, air and missile defense systems were carried out openly without any hidden agenda, Minister Akar said, "Where is the S-400 right now?" Regarding his rhetoric, “There was an air attack on Turkey, but we didn't use the S-400? This is the defense system… 'Where are we going to use it?' This is a military issue, defense, security issue. We are not in the mood to do everything in front of the window, on the stage. We have some measures and works. Everyone should know that it will be used where and when it is needed. There is no going back on this. Therefore, some things are hidden, national secrets of countries. said.

6 Storm Howitzers were manufactured at the Tank Pallet Factory

On questions regarding the ownership of the Tank Pallet Factory, Minister Akar emphasized that the ownership of the factory belongs entirely to the Treasury, and that there is no change in this. Explaining that three objections were made to the Council of State on this issue and they were all rejected, Minister Akar said that 6 Storm howitzers were manufactured at the factory this year, and that production, maintenance and repair works continue.

Stating that they are working for the supply of engines and that they are faced with an unnamed embargo, Minister Akar said, “We are all in the same boat. If you have any information or opinions, let us know and we will work in that direction. In addition, work continues for the manufacture of the engine in the country. There is a multi-faceted work. We are working with all our efforts so that this tank can be produced as soon as possible, together with its engine and transmission, and that we manufacture them ourselves. We cannot get the desired answers, not only on military and defense industry issues, but also on other civilian production issues, including from some of our allies we know as friends. These go with extensions such as 'Later, later…' without any name of 'embargo'. However, despite all this, we have done our best to prevent these deficiencies and deficiencies, and we continue to do so.” used the phrases.

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