Baja Kirmasti will be in Bursa on 12-14 November

Baja Kirmasti in Bursa in November
Baja Kirmasti in Bursa in November

Baja Kirmasti, the second race of the 4 TOSFED Baja Cup, which consists of a total of 2021 races, sponsored by, one of the most important and domestic actors of the crypto money market, was hosted by Bursa Alternative Sports Club (BASK) on 12-14 November 2021 in Bursa. will be organized in

A large number of athletes from Turkey and abroad are expected to participate in the race, which will start with the ceremonial start to be given from Hüdavendigar City Park on Friday, November 12 at 18:30. Sports fans have the chance to watch a fight in Baja Kirmasti organization, where the heart of Turkey's textile and automobile industry and the city of Bursa, which has a rare beauty in terms of tourism, and the experience of automobile sports dating back many years, and the most popular offroad branch of recent years, the Baja Kirmasti. they will find it.

About 200 km. This challenging race, in which the special stage will be run, will start from Uluabat on November 13 at 11.30 and continue to Sincansarnıç with the Warn Turkey special stage. Afterwards, it will end with the Marmara Crane special stage, located between Atlas village and Dağyenice. The organization will end with the award ceremony to be held in front of Aloft Bursa Hotel at 14 after both stages are passed in the opposite direction on Sunday, November 18.30.

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