From Waste to Art Exhibition Meets Capitalists

From Waste to Art Exhibition Meets Capitalists
From Waste to Art Exhibition Meets Capitalists

In order to draw attention to environmental pollution and recycling, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality brought together the exhibition prepared by BELMEK trainers using waste materials during the “21-28 November European Waste Reduction Week”. The exhibition, hosted by the Department of Urban Aesthetics, will remain open at the Kızılay Metro until 26 November.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to give priority to recycling projects in the fight against environmental pollution.

Within the scope of the "November 21-28 European Waste Reduction Week", the "Upcycling Workshop Exhibition", hosted by the Department of Urban Aesthetics, at the Red Crescent Metro, brought together the works produced from waste materials with the citizens of the Capital.


Using the waste materials collected in the Upcycling Workshop, BELMEK master trainers transformed these materials into works of art.

Selami Aktepe, Head of the Department of Urban Aesthetics, who attended the opening of the exhibition, drew attention to the importance of projects sensitive to the environment and human health, and said:

“We started an upcycling project as part of the European Mitigation Week. We are together in an important project organized by BELMEK and the Department of Urban Aesthetics. We can call this project 'from waste to art'. The importance of such exhibitions and artistic activities comes to the fore even more in order to recycle wastes that are harmful to the environment and human health and to raise awareness. For this reason, we would like to thank our friends who contributed to the project by preparing products for this exhibition.”

Ali Bozkurt, Head of Culture and Social Affairs Department, who examined the works of BELMEK master trainers, said, “This exhibition consists of decorative products made by BELMEK master trainers from materials that are completely thrown away or that will be thrown away. The exhibition, which will remain open for a week, will also participate in the International European Union project, and work in this direction continues.”


Within the scope of the project, the coarse wastes in the warehouses of the Metropolitan Municipality were repaired and reused by master trainers in different branches such as wood painting, relief, patchwork, carpentry and handicrafts at BELMEK courses in 6 regions.

Art lovers from Başkent, who came to visit the upcycling workshop exhibition, which will remain open until November 26, expressed their thoughts with these words:

Bahire Tekin: “It is a very good activity. We want to implement recycling more and this sets an example for us. It was a good exhibition to raise awareness. Well done to those who contributed.”

Orhan Arikan: “Recycling and spreading it is very important in terms of creating environmental awareness. I appreciate the people who bring these materials to this level. Increasing these exhibitions will encourage people even more. I would like to express my gratitude to everyone who worked on this issue.”

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