AŞTİ Meets Art

AŞTİ Meets Art
AŞTİ Meets Art

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to bring together the citizens of the Capital with artistic activities in every medium. BUGSAŞ will bring together thousands of passengers arriving and departing at Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal (AŞTİ) with plays to be staged by actors affiliated with Ankara Art Center throughout November.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its support to art and artists.

Continuing its efforts to make the capital the capital of art, the Metropolitan Municipality opened the doors of the Ankara Intercity Bus Terminal (AŞTİ) to the players of the Ankara Art Center (ASM), where thousands of passengers come and go every day.


In cooperation with BUGSAŞ, one of the affiliates of the Metropolitan Municipality, and ASM, passengers arriving and departing AŞTİ will be brought together with a street theater once a week throughout November.

Stating that a new color will come to AŞTİ with the staged plays and that they aim to encourage artistic activities, BUGSAS Chairman of the Board Mustafa Koç made the following evaluations:

“We started the street theater practice for AŞTİ, the capital of culture and art, Ankara's gateway to Anatolia, to meet with art. Ankara Art Center artists will perform short plays once a week. We want to continue the change in AŞTİ with artistic touches. AŞTİ is now taking firm steps towards becoming a modern bus station worthy of the Capital of the Republic. At the end of the works we continue in parallel with the renovation, we will present a bus station worthy of the 100th anniversary of our Republic to Ankara. We are working shoulder to shoulder with our shopkeepers and AŞTİ employees to destroy existing prejudices and build a brand new bus station.”

Ankara Art Center Artistic Director Bülent Durmaz also stated that they took part in this project in order to popularize theater and said, “We are breaking new ground in Turkey with the Metropolitan Municipality. We organize different games every week in order to raise awareness of art and motivate our guests who come to AŞTİ. By saying "Art is everywhere in Ankara", we aim to send people off with art and greet them with art. We continue these activities with the interest and relevance of Mr. Mansur President. We aim to bring the passengers together with art with Hacivat and Karagöz, pantomime, middle plays, puppet shows and dance shows.”


Local and foreign guests, from 7 to 70, who watched the plays that started to be staged at AŞTİ with interest, expressed their satisfaction with the following words:

-Murat Altinkaynak: “I found the play very beautiful and interesting. I wish the continuation of such practices of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality.”

-Muslum Ergin: “It is a great idea to stage a theater play at AŞTİ. We want such good organizations to continue.”

-Kadir Kardas: “It's a very nice and fun game. The children were also very happy.”

-Coskun Gurbuz: “It's a nice and fun game. It would be great if these games were played every week. At least those who come here and wait for the bus won't get bored.”

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