Military Logistics and Support Summit is Held for the First Time

Military Logistics and Support Summit is Held for the First Time
Military Logistics and Support Summit is Held for the First Time

The countdown has begun for Turkey's first and only summit focusing on military logistics and support systems. The Military Logistics and Support Summit, where export solutions that will enable the Turkish defense industry to get a share of the military logistics sector with a volume of approximately 400 billion dollars, and the digital transformation in military logistics will be discussed, will be held in Ankara on 7-8 December 2021.

Important players of the defense industry will meet in Ankara on December 7-8, 2021 at the Military Logistics and Support Summit (DLSS), which will be held for the first time this year with the support of the Presidency of Defense Industry of the Republic of Turkey. Approximately 200 visitors are expected to attend DLSS over the course of two days. Professionals from the defense industry, decision makers, military personnel and academics will come together at DLSS.

Military logistics determines the balance of power

Stating that they aim to prepare the Turkish Armed Forces and the Turkish defense industry for the future in logistics, Sami Atalan, Chairman of the Military Logistics and Support Summit Organization Committee, emphasized that DLSS is the only summit in its field in Turkey and will take place for the first time this year. Atalan stated that the volume of the military logistics sector is approximately 400 billion dollars and that our domestic and national defense industry can be an important power if it develops solutions suitable for the opportunities in this sector. Atalan: “Transferring a force of the desired size to the desired location at any time is not an acquired skill for every country. In this respect, Turkey has a very important potential. With the Military Logistics and Support Summit, we aim to both draw attention to our competence in this field and bring the opportunities waiting in the market to the agenda.”

Digital transformation in military logistics

Atalan continued his words as follows: “Within the scope of DLSS, how the next generation military logistics sector should be shaped with digital transformation, sustainable life cycle management, what can be done to increase the share of military logistics and support services in the exports of our national defense industry, infrastructure needs in regional coalitions to be established with both NATO and allied countries. solutions will be discussed. Many companies from military logistics and sub-sectors supporting this sector will also exhibit their most advanced technology solutions. We aim for DLSS to provide significant new collaboration opportunities and create a strong communication network.”

All stakeholders of the industry will meet at DLSS

Among the sectors that will participate in DLSS; land vehicles and subsystems, land and air transport, weapon systems, subsystems and ammunition, rocket and missile systems, electro-optical and electronic systems, laser and guidance systems, electronic warfare systems, reconnaissance, surveillance and border security, communication, informatics and software systems, logistics, maintenance, repair and engineering services, military textiles, boots and camouflage, ballistics and calibration solutions, CBRN systems, R&D, combat support services.

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