Ankara Public Bread Takes New Measures Due to Increasing Demands

Ankara Public Bread Takes New Measures Due to Increasing Demands
Ankara Public Bread Takes New Measures Due to Increasing Demands

Ankara Public Bread Factory will take new measures as of 29 November 2021 to meet the increasing demand due to the increase in bread prices in the market. Announcing that it will sell bread prices for 1 lira and 25 cents until the flour stocks run out, Halk Bread Factory made a statement regarding the measures taken; It has been stated that daily bread production has been increased to 1 million, bread purchases will be limited to 10 in order to prevent grievances, mobile vehicles will serve in the field in the districts where the density is high, and additional personnel will be employed both in the factory and in the vehicles.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş announced that Halk Bread Factory has increased its production capacity to meet the increasing demand.

Informing the citizens with the announcement he made on his social media accounts, Yavaş said, “We started to produce 1 million breads a day by increasing our Halk Bread production to full capacity. We will also sell to 435 sales points with our additional mobile ovens so that no one will be victimized. The economic difficulty is there. Until our stocks run out, 250 grams of bread will continue to be 1,25 TL."


Metropolitan Municipality People's Bread Factory took new measures after the Ankara Chamber of Bakers decided to increase the sale price of 200 grams of normal bread in the capital from 1,75 TL to 2,25 TL with the approval of the Ankara Governor's Office.

Announcing that it will sell 250 grams of bread for 1 lira and 25 cents until the flour stocks run out despite the increasing costs, and that it has increased its daily bread production to 1 million, Halk Bread Factory will implement the following new measures, effective from 29 November 2021, in order to facilitate the citizens' access to bread and to prevent them from experiencing victimization:

  • 2 Mobile Ovens will serve in the districts of Sincan and Keçiören, where the density is high, on Monday, November 29. Mobile bakeries will then meet the bread needs of citizens on the field in Akyurt, Pursaklar, Mamak and Polatlı districts,
  • Bread purchases will be limited to 10,
  • The Metropolitan Municipality will provide support to the neighborhoods where the density is experienced during the day with an additional 3 vehicles. It will work in the field with a stock of 10 thousand breads for these vehicles,
  • Personnel who used to work in production will be temporarily assigned to the factory,
  • The speed of 6 lines, which are available from the factory production lines, will be increased by 10 percent, and 50 thousand extra bread will be produced per day,
  • Possible delays in bread distribution hours will be shared with the kiosks instantly,
  • Owners of the People's Bread Buffet will inform the citizens in order to prevent the formation of queues,
  • Necessary negotiations will be held for the flour suppliers to comply with their contracts and make shipments.”

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