The First Urban Forest Is Coming to the Anatolian Side

The First Urban Forest Is Coming to the Anatolian Side
The First Urban Forest Is Coming to the Anatolian Side

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluA new green space for Istanbul residents with its 'Green City Vision' kazanyelling. Cekmekoy Rahmi Demir Urban Forest, the first urban forest of the Anatolian Side, will be put into service in November. There are areas such as a bicycle and walking path, children's playgrounds, a viewing tower for the observation of wild animals, and an observation terrace in the Çekmeköy urban forest, which has a total area of ​​350 thousand square meters.

Ekrem İmamoğluWithin the framework of the green city vision of Istanbul, the urban forest projects promised to the people of Istanbul are being implemented step by step. After the Yakuplu Urban Forest and Kemerburgaz Urban Forest, which were opened to the service of the citizens on the European Side of Istanbul, the third urban forest is opened in Çekmeköy on the Anatolian Side. Çekmeköy Rahmi Demir Urban Forest, with a total size of 350 thousand square meters, is planned to be opened in November.

Head of IMM Park, Garden and Green Areas Department Prof. Dr. Yasin Çağatay Seçkin gave the following information about Çekmeköy Rahmi Demir Urban Forest: “This is an area of ​​350 thousand square meters, it is a very important green area for us. kazanWe are happy to climb. We have carried out an active study here, especially on walking and cycling paths. We have a 2.5 kilometer bike path and 5.5 kilometer walking path for active sports. Apart from that, there are many connection roads as it is a sloping area. We have many children's playgrounds, we have an observation tower. We have recently accelerated our work on dolphin and bird watching and wildlife, and a beautiful observation and viewing terrace area has been created here. We have completed 95 percent of our work here. As of November, this place will be put into service.”

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