Warehouses are Safer and More Efficient with Smart Technologies

Warehouses are Safer and More Efficient with Smart Technologies

Warehouses are Safer and More Efficient with Smart Technologies

The rapid growth in e-commerce causes historical traffic in warehouses and logistics centers. Carrying out this critical operation, which is critical for companies, in a safer way is possible with smart technologies.

The e-commerce sector grew by 2020% in 45. The market is expected to grow 4 times in the next 2,3 years. With this extraordinary growth in the e-commerce sector, cargo shipments from companies' warehouses, logistics and transfer centers are experiencing more intense traffic than ever before. At this point, it becomes more important to ensure the management, efficiency and security of business processes in the warehouses of both retail companies and production facilities in every category. Stating that Sensormatic prevents undesired losses and increases operational efficiency and profitability with the smart technologies it offers, Sensormatic CMO Pelin Yelkencio─člu explained how smart technologies are used in this field:

Integrated security with security scenarios

With its video monitoring and video analysis solutions, Sensormatic focuses on reducing internal and external losses and increasing safety in workplaces depending on the needs. With its video surveillance and video analysis systems, it records all movements, defines ordinary or extraordinary events and generates security scenarios. Video surveillance systems, which are directly integrated with access control, fire detection and alarm systems, instantly transmit the image to the screen of security guards in case of any security breach. In line with these scenarios, the security guards, who are in the state of alarm, can take precautions in a short time and intervene immediately.

Access control systems shaped according to the area and need

In the warehouses of companies and production facilities, different access control technologies may be needed according to different levels of security needs. While it is sufficient to enter and exit with only a card pass in some areas, biometric access control solutions such as fingerprint and iris reading can be the most accurate technology in areas where the security level should be higher and where there is confidentiality. In mobile access control systems, on the other hand, key panels or smart cards are replaced by smart phones and mobile devices. Thanks to the system that works through the downloaded application, it is possible to switch without contact with a phone, smart watch or tablet. Even if the entrance card is forgotten at home, there is no problem in transitions by entering and exiting with mobile devices.

Again within the scope of access control systems, operational efficiency increases with Passlogic, the new generation access control management platform developed by Sensormatic, which transforms the data obtained from biometric, mobile or card access control systems into meaningful reports. Passlogic offers the opportunity to follow both staff and visitors. The platform's ERP compatibility also provides significant advantages. For example, payroll transactions can be carried out quickly and automatically by tracking the overtime of the employees.

Accurate and early detection

One of the important risks of warehouses is fire. Fires that may occur in warehouses or logistics centers have greater risks since the number and value of the products inside are high. The fire detection and notification system detects the fire event as soon as possible in case of fire, preventing possible loss of life and property. With Remote Fire Detection Services, faults occurring in the fire detection system are determined remotely, providing preliminary information on the provision of the necessary equipment before intervening in the system. It saves time and cost in maintenance and service intervention.

Video-based fire detection solution detects flame and smoke at the source of the fire, saving time for early fire response. The solution can accurately and earlier detect fires that existing systems may detect incorrectly or late.

Provides safe and fast entry and exit in distribution centers

The new generation contactless imaging technology offered by Sensormatic also minimizes losses and accelerates business processes, especially in corporate warehouses and distribution centers. The new generation non-contact imaging technology detects body temperature through the video camera and scans the people in front of the screen in 12 different postures within 4 seconds. The video camera detects all objects in the body that have a temperature different from the body temperature and allows them to be displayed on the screen. With this technology, any material hidden under clothing can be viewed without revealing body details. Working with patented passive terahertz technology, contactless imaging technology can detect metal or non-metallic items hidden under clothing from a safe distance of 3 to 4 meters. Employees can enter and exit the facility faster, as the security scan per person with contactless imaging technology is completed in just 10 seconds.

Warehouse shipments are monitored remotely

With the Environmental Protection solution, the smart camera systems that Sensormatic installs around or at the entrance of the facility or business can act as an alarm system. In case of a possible violation, the relevant alarm image is sent to the Remote Monitoring Center, enabling effective and early intervention by the operators.

With Remote Entry and Exit Management, operators in the Remote Monitoring Center manage all remote entries and exits. Thus, it is possible to arrange entry and exit authorizations at specified time intervals. Company officials can also monitor warehouse shipments remotely and manage entry-exit faster by spending less resources.

With Virtual Patrol, the relevant managers access the camera system of the facility or enterprise remotely and perform the patrol service. In this way, they can provide faster control and security with fewer resources.

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